My 5 years dream came true today

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2 years ago
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Today I bought an iPad Air 5th generation. This was my dream for like 5 years. Ever since I came to know about Geoshread, I wanted to purchase an iPad but did not get a chance at all or I did not take that dream very seriously. For the last two months, I had been thinking about this too much and I wanted to somehow purchase it. I was confused as to which one I should be purchasing.

Mostly it depends on what would be the purpose but I found out that iPad Air, the latest one should be more sufficient for me for all my activities. I initially thought I would purchase it from Apple directly but then it was available in my nearby Chroma store and I visited the store and got it. I booked it online and visited the store and picked up the delivery from the store.

I have never used any Apple products before. My friends used to tell me that if I once start using an Apple product, it will somehow catch us and I will end up converting all my gadgets related to Apple. The only drawback is the fact that Apple products are not affordable to everyone and also the accessories are priced very high. There is a talk about Make in India but I'm not sure when it will happen. If that happens, maybe things can get a bit cheaper here in India.


The main reason I wanted to purchase an iPad was to play some music with the help of the iPad. I was fascinated by people using iPad to play music and I also wanted to try it. It has been nearly 15 years since I played any instruments. I used to play Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone during my school days and left them after that. Today I feel like I should get back to playing instruments and I hope this iPad will be a good start for the same.

I intentionally had hesitation to pick an Apple product because of the fact that it is overrated but today after experiencing it for the very first time, I think it is comfortable and going to be a nice journey. I spent around 54 thousand rupees in Indian currency to purchase this. It is more like purchasing a laptop. I hope the iPad is also going to be equally worthy if I'm not wrong.

Apart from playing music, I thought about what would be used for this laptop but I don't know maybe I might even get my drawing skills back. In the next 5 years, I'm planning to regain some of my hobbies and lost skills back. I have to train myself a lot on this, however. Music is always a great satisfaction. I had a small fear that I would not be able to play anything useful with the iPad thinking that it was all for advanced people but today I spend a considerable amount of time exploring some apps and found out that it is definitely a possibility for me and I can do it with practice.

As I mentioned earlier, it is a bit pricy only but I was initially looking for an option to purchase it with the help of Crypto directly but there were limited options available and it was also very costly compared to purchasing it with Indian currency directly. The associates were also very attractive but I couldn't afford them. Maybe after a year or so, I will try to purchase some groceries and make use of them.

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2 years ago
Topics: Ipad, Apple, IPad Air, Gadgets, Technology, ...