My 3 primary Hive Goals for 2023

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1 year ago

I realized that I have not set any Hive goals yet after the new year started. It has been a very busy few weeks after the new year and I did not get a chance to think about how my 2023 year planning should be. I have some generic crypto plans for this year but I don't have big plans for Hive this year. There are some default things that I would be focusing on as goals for the year. I would like to list out some of the goals for the year and see how I can progress further and try to achieve these goals.

Some of these goals are very common goals and most people would try to set and achieve these goals. I was also able to set some goals last year and was able to achieve them. This time I thought I should double my expectations from Hive and I expect Hive to provide lots of opportunities this year.

100k Hive Power

This is my top goal this year again. I would like to just double my Hive power. I currently own around 50k Hive power and it growly slowly. I know I'm very greedy here and technically I should have only set 75k Hive power for the end of the year but I would like to stretch myself and set a goal of 100k Hive power.

Last year my Hive Power goal was to reach 50k Hive power and the previous year I had a holding of about 30k Hive power. In a year I was able to easily achieve 20k Hive power and I think it should have been only 30k more for the new year. But I'm greedy and would like to set my goals high and try and reach 100k Hive power somehow. Let's see how this happens.

10k HBD

The next greed part is here where I would like to reach a total of 10k HBD. I currently have my HBD in the @balaz account. This is not going to be a very easy goal because getting to save HBD is not easy. I keep investing a lot into crypto from my real world too. One way is by paying my bills in Fiat and getting the payments in crypto. I'm thinking of doing it the other way around from this year onward. Hopefully, I should be able to save up some HBD in the savings before the end of the year.

My dream was to reach 100k HBD before the end of 2025 but I'm sure there is still a long way to go it is a huge number and I cannot imagine how hard it can be to reach such a big number. Just to have a decent goal in mind, I'm going to be setting 10k HBD as my achievable goal, and later if all goes well, I would like to increase it further I'm not expecting it to reach 100k in 2023 but if it happens, I would be the luckiest person.

100k SPS

100k SPS is something that is easily achievable for me this year. I have been continuously selling my GLX tokens and converting them to SPS. I would like to accumulate more SPS first and after I reach my goal I can maybe consider buying GLX back from the market. By then the price of GLX would also be nice to buy.

This is a goal that I was unable to reach in the last year. Everyone has great hopes for SPS to increase but looking at the inflation with lesser use cases, I'm thinking that it can take a lot of time to get an improved price. I'm still going to stay invested and probably see what happens to SPS.

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1 year ago


Wish you good luck for your goals. I'm user crazywrites6 from Hive and newbie there. One need to put persistent efforts to be successful as newbie that I am doing. Good luck dear

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1 year ago