Muterra as a metaverse game

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There are so many games emerging on the Hive blockchain. One of the biggest games on Hive is Splinterlands and it is a browser-based game. The genre of the games on Hive is slowly tilting and new opportunities are getting created on Hive. For the past year, we have been spending a lot of time and effort in building the Muterra game. Someone recently asked me if Muterra is a metaverse game or not. The answer is yes it is a metaverse game.

Metaverse is a concept that has been around for a very long time. Before the bear market started the concept was very popular and everyone went crazy about metaverse games. Today though the craze has reduced a little bit, still people are interested to learn more about the metaverse and how it can be helpful in the gaming world. Metaverse is a concept that helps in exploring lots of possibilities in the gaming world. Muterra has some metaverse concepts that can be a good argument to say that it is a metaverse game.

Virtual world

Most metaverse games say that the virtual world is an important criterion in the game. If we have to consider this, Muterra has a virtual world and a story theme behind this. The entire story in play vs engine mode revolves around this story. It is more like a campaign mode that we regularly see in other games. In metaverse games, apart from having a virtual world, it is also necessary that the virtual world should keep staying active even if the player is not inside the game.

This concept is made easier in blockchain games because the blockchain is going to be existent even if we are not active on that. Even if we are not passing transactions on a blockchain, the chain is going to be live and there are going to be people interacting with the chain. So this makes a new possibility to create a virtual metaverse game. Muterra may not have this feature during the start but there is a high chance that this can be implemented as a feature in one of the future releases. There is definitely a possibility for a persistent virtual world.

User customization

The possibility for users to do customizations in the game is one of the features of metaverse games. There will be a defined outcome in a normal game but in a metaverse game users will have the facility to define certain things and the outcome out be a permutation and combination based on what the users have already selected. This is one of the biggest and trickiest features to implement in games. With the possibility of blockchain, this is also possible. We can define governance and change the outcome of a game strategy based on the governance vote of the players. This is already planned in Muterra.

Endless possibilities in the game

This is also another expectation in a metaverse game where people can freely roam in the open world and keep creating their own levels and playing custom things. At least for now, we have definite locations and maps implemented, but later in the future, we can even think about making the game assets available for the players to create their maps and missions based on that. I remember that the Age of Empires game used to have this possibility where we can design a map and use that map in a game. This was very interesting during those days which I feel is a possibility with modern game engines. Maybe this can be a scope for Muterra as well after almost 5 years or something.

Earning from metaverse games

Most of the metaverse games expect an earning opportunity inside the game. Muterra already has that feature and that makes this game a metaverse-compatible game at least for this feature. People expect to play metaverse games and earn from the game. Right now it is costly to both create a metaverse game and also to create earning opportunities inside the game. The development is also very slow because every single map needs to be worked on and integrating things with Blockchain is also a bit challenging.

Note: I have just shared my thoughts on how Muterra is and can be made a good metaverse game. This post has nothing to do with the current roadmap of Muterra.

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I am interested to learn more about the metaverse

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