Movie Review - Avatar: The Way of Water

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5 months ago

I know I might be a little late to write this review but just a few minutes back we completed watching Avatar : The Way of Water. I watched the first part about 13 or 14 years back with friends. I don't remember the exact story of the movie. I did not even try to understand what the movie was all about. I did not have the maturity to understand the story.

In order to watch the second part, I watched the first part again to get a hang of the story, and watching the second part was a great experience after that. First of all, I would like to say that the movie was very good and the animation experience was excellent. There were a few lags in the story which I felt could have been better but otherwise graphics was excellent.

The first part of the movie was a good start and people who like multiverse movies would love this concept. Pandora was very good and especially the culture and tradition of its people are definitely awesome. During the early days of this world, our earth would have also been like this. Today we have changed a lot but once upon a time, I'm sure we would have also been like this living close to nature. We have lost that completely and in the coming years we might lose whatever is left over too.


Importance to Nature

This was the core concept of the movie and the story goes along those lines. It is true that people who love nature and live a peaceful life wouldn't go to war unnecessarily unless they are pushed into such a situation. Even in this movie, Jake Sully is trying to stay away from a war or a fight and try to live a peaceful life in one of the other tribes. His enemy gets a new life and is chasing him to have a fight with him.

In this process, they join a water tribe and when I saw the water tribe, I remembered the other Avatar the last air bender. The representation of the beauty of nature there as well is awesome. The way how people live with nature is awesome there. They also have their own skills and the hero and his family are slowly learning these skills and they are becoming an expert there too.

Overall a great experience

I did not understand why many people did not feel great about this movie and their expectations. Maybe it was for a fact that there was nothing new about the movie and the same old story probably. But otherwise, I see this as a great experience instead of just watching a movie for the story alone. I really had a great experience and when the movie ended, I only had a good experience. Maybe they could have done a better job in terms of the story and also the last scenes of the movie were lagging a little bit. Otherwise, the movie is a great watch just for the graphics alone.

At the time of writing this article, I also found out that there is going to be a new open-world game getting released in December. This new game is also going to be a fun ride I believe. With modern technology and graphical advancements, we can do wonders.

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5 months ago


I did not yet watch that movie but based on the review of majority it was a great movie also.

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