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Microblogging is the next big thing on Hive. Today I wanted to take some time and write on this topic. I'm very excited to see many micro-blogging platforms emerging on Hive. Today Ecency has introduced its micro-blogging platform called Ecency Waves. I'm sure this is going to be the next trend and people who like microblogging platforms like Twitter in the web2 world would start liking these platforms in web3. This is a great start.


You can read more about Ecency waves in the below post. Kudos to @good-karma and the team behind this. One of the biggest advantages that Ecency brings with Waves is that it is going to be handy and we can do microblogging from our mobile application. I'm not sure if others are offering this but Ecency is one of the most popular mobile applications on Hive.


A few years back, someone started a platform on Steem called Musing. There was initially good support but later the project vanished. Today many projects are able to bring the same culture of micro-blogging into Hive and the community embraces it. I would like to share my views on this micro-blogging.

Short blogging is easy

In today's world people don't have enough time to both read as well as write. Some people find it very interesting to share their thoughts in microblogs instead of writing huge articles. This also becomes interactive where people can ask questions and other community members can answer the questions. Pretty much any community can come up with this micro-blogging facility.

Recently DBuzz created a proposal to make their source code open and this way any community who would like to introduce microblogging can do so. People might sometimes have only a short thing in their minds to say. Microblogging helps in sharing such things instead of writing a big article on a short topic.


Rewarding short blogs

When it comes to rewards, the rewards can either be in the form of first-layer tokens or in the form of second-layer tokens. Reward is very important for any blogging I would say. People engage more when there are more rewards. Rewarding has become important because when things are on web3, people obviously expect rewards. If this had been a feature in web2, people wouldn't care much.

With the help of the Hive engine, a second layer token can be used to reward short blogging. There are tribes on Hive Engine that already reward with their particular token. A similar thing can be used and apart from rewarding people can also be allowed to tip others on micro-blogging. This is something that can be easily built on a second layer I think.

Stats on microblogging

Every website becomes a hit when it is capable of sharing enough stats with the users. If platforms like these are able to create good stats for the people to view and understand how they are doing, it becomes an additional motivation. Leothreads is already having something like this where people are able to see how many threads they have created so far. This becomes a criteria and there is also an integration available that rewards 10k USD worth rewards for high engagement.

If we look at another microblogging platform, we are able to see some visible stats and people are also rewarded based on stats. I understand that getting stats on blockchain platforms can be a little challenging but once implemented, that can definitely be an additional motivation to the users.

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