Making use of this bear market

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5 months ago

It is very common to see less activity during the bear market. Many communities would lose their members and even many Play2Earn games would see less number of players staying active during the bear market. This is very common. I have seen this several times in the last few years. There will be a time again when everything suddenly starts pumping and every other coin will reach a great value. That is when we usually think that we should have invested when we had the chance.

Dollar-cost averaging is one of the best strategies that we can do during this bear market. Instead of seeing this as a misfortune, we can see this as a fortune to purchase more of our holdings and do a DCA on our purchases, this way we are fully equipped to book additional profits when the bull market starts.


Let the Bear market prolongate

As I have seen the bear market a couple of times already, to be honest, I would like the bear market to stay for some more time. The main reason is that bear markets also bring us a fortune. Especially for investors this is the right time to invest and most people might complain saying that they don't have enough cash to invest but this is the right time to invest.

I want this bear market to prolongate because I want to take this opportunity to grow my account. The rewards we get on Hive are comparatively high during this time. The other good thing is that the price of HBD is still very stable and this is not the first bear market in which HBD appears stable. This should be one of the biggest selling points for Hive to have a properly decentralized stablecoin.

I have a goal to reach 100k Hive power before the end of the year. If I now get the opportunity to get more Hive as a reward, it would be great to reach my goal faster. I'm already able to see that I get more Hive from the curation reward and author rewards. Let's see how long this market prolongates and hopefully, someday the other trend would start.


Learning to live in both bear and bull

This is the most important thing. We have to learn this skill from the ants and other species that do the saving for the winter and rainy seasons. Ants gather food and reserve them for the season when they cannot go out and find their food. Not all the ant species but some of them are like that. Similarly, we should also be ready to sustain during both bears as well as bull markets.

During the bull market, there will be other problems where there will be so much of opportunities and many people would be building a lot and we might find it hard to invest. It is quite the opposite during the bear market. All our favourite coins would be available for a very good price but we will not be able to purchase anything because of liquidity problems.

Having a good stablecoin reserve is very important. During the bear market, one thing that would not be affected much is the stablecoin we hold. But the one problem we might see is that we don't understand when exactly is the perfect bear market and when to buy coins with our stable cash. Sometimes we end up buying too early and we may not have enough resources to make additional purchases or do a DCA.

Perfect management of both the bear market as well as the bull market is important. We shouldn't panic too much during a bear market and at the same time, we should plan our investments very well during the bull market.

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That is the time to gain more tokens

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