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We talk a lot about crypto adoption. In order to increase crypto adoption or blockchain adoption, I personally think that the concepts should be easier for people to understand. I have read so many comments on Hive saying that many people found it hard to understand the blockchain concepts and only after years they are able to understand most of the concepts. Their focus is only on the earning part here. The technology not only provides a revolutionary change towards creating a decentralized finance but it also provides opportunities for people to earn from this ecosystem. Most people are worried only about the earning aspects and they mostly find ways to earn from here and do not understand the concept fully.

If we have to increase onboarding and crypto adoption, we have to change our strategy and focus on things that are very important in this process. My teachers always used to tell me that we really understand a concept only if we are able to make a 5 year old understand the concept. Of course, it is not a possibility with rocket science but I'm sure blockchain concepts can be made simple and easy to adopt. Let's give it a try.


Using real-world examples

People like it when examples are given to them. If we notice school kids, they mostly like practical classes rather than theory classes. Similarly, if we are going to be explaining everything in theory, people might get bored and it can be hard for them to focus and understand the concept. Providing a few real-world examples can be the best thing to start with. For example, we can take the bank transactions overseas. With cryptocurrencies, we can make it happen faster than our regular methods. There is also a possibility for decentralization here so that no middleman is involved.

Start with the common terminologies

There are a few common terminologies that most of the folks who are interested are familiar with. NFTs, Coins, Tokens, Airdrop, Staking rewards, DEFI, Blockchain, Decentralization, Play2Earn, wallets etc and we can keep going on and on with such keywords. These are the most attractive things for a starter. We can get started with explaining each one of these and people can gradually start grasping the concepts.

People like to know the use cases

People don't usually agree that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are good for humanity. We have to make it easier for them to understand by showing them some proof. These proofs can be in the form of use cases that we can show them. People like to see things working practically rather than just seeing the concept in theory. For example, NFTs can be used inside the games to identify the game assets in a unique way. This gives a facility to trade the game assets with other players.


Applications that can be useful

Apart from the use cases, people would also like to see the applications that can be useful for them. We are still in the early stages for this as not all countries have adopted this technology. In the future, there will be many applications using blockchain technology in the background with the support of cryptocurrencies. Payment with the help of cryptocurrencies can be one of the best use cases and applications that support them would be the best thing to start with.

Explaining the benefits

In order to make things easier for people to understand, we have to come up with an explanation of the benefits of cryptocurrencies. Unless they use it and see it work, they will not believe that there is a huge market and huge benefit behind this. In another few years, there is a high possibility that many games on the Google Play Store might get converted to blockchain games that reward the players in the form of cryptocurrencies. Currently it is not happening because the regulations are not very flexible and clear. But this will not be the case forever.

Use everyday language to explain the concept

It is good to avoid technical terms while explaining blockchain to someone. We can still use it but only if we are going to be explaining the technical term to them. Starting simple with an easy language to explain is the first step. All we need is to make them get started and gradually, they will start understanding the concepts one by one and would explore more if they are interested. Some people get the motivation after seeing the benefit it gives and some people explore for fun.

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