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2 months ago

We all know how centralized Twitter is but still, we know many people are using Twitter as their promotional platform. Some of the popular accounts also got censored and the censorship is always there because it is a centralized media platform. Now I think it is the ideal time to look for alternative decentralized options. We would have seen many Twitter-like platforms built on Blockchains but this BitClout is looking great and it has a different concept.

After the announcement from @raymondspeaks on Man Cave and an announcement from @neoxian in the City, I created a profile on BitClout today. I was initially wondering how each person who is signing up can have their own coins created and why would someone buy those coins. But later after spending a few more minutes on the site after signing up, I was able to understand how it worked. Let's go step by step.

Creating an account on BitClout

The website offers two ways to sign up to the website. We can either use our google account to log in and create an account or use a Seed. I wanted to use the Seed method so that I can get a Seed and I can save it somewhere safe.

This is much similar to other blockchain platforms where we create Seed and keep them safe somewhere. The signup process itself will take us through step by step. We don't have to do all the steps and there is a skip option.

Creating the profile

This is the next step where we will have to create our profile and update our profile information. This part of the process is not completely free. If we use our mobile number, then the verification can be done through that. If we don't want to disclose our mobile number, then we can do the verification or profile creation by spending 0.001 $CLOUT. If you are long-term use of this platform, you will have the balance to onboard your friends.

Thanks to @raymondspeaks. He sent me some $CLOUT to get started here. The notification section on the page was a bit handy for me to see all these things happening. Especially when other purchase my coin it pops up as a notification.

Updating the profile

I heard from a few users that updating the profile here is very important to create a nice follower base because people check how authentic we are and give us a follow it seems. Those who have Social media links can share their links in the profile description and that increases the chance of attracting more people.

I personally think that having a good follower base is important otherwise there will be no one reading whatever we write and that is not good. Only when we have people listening to what we are saying, there will be an exchange of thoughts. Otherwise, it will not solve any purpose.

After we create a new profile, it is important that we have to do two things. The first is to purchase a small fragment of our own coin and the second thing would be to update the Founder Reward Percentage. Whenever someone is purchasing your coin, you get a percentage of the money back.

If you still need more instructions, you can use the below details to also get some free CLOUT.

DON'T lower your %FR unless you buy your coins!
DO: go to - the page explains a lot. At you can receive 11.11 USD. And with explore people by your interests. Reclout if you dare!

I actually found the above only after signing up and when I was all set on the platform. But still, those links were very useful to know more about the platform.

Happy Clouting!

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2 months ago
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Interesting. I have not heard of this platform, but I will surely have to check it out. I personally do not like Twitter and Facebook is something I use less and less these days as well.

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2 months ago

Yes, the world is moving towards a decentralized social media platform.

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2 months ago