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HBD is one of the most amazing things that the Hive ecosystem is currently having. During the early days, the value of HBD was not properly pegged to the value of USD, later measures were taken and HBD became a good stablecoin. In the last few bear markets, I have seen the value being very stable compared to other stablecoins. In this article, I would like to highlight some of the best features of HBD inside the Hive Ecosystem.

20% APR

APR is an important thing. People would like to stay invested or invest more if the APR is good. Compared to all other platforms outside, I would personally say that HBD APR is very good and 20% is a decent value. Though this value is not set in stone and can change anytime based on what the top witnesses decide, I see 20% APR as a good thing to bring more investors in. Even in a case where the APR is reduced to 15%, it would still be a good one for the investors to choose HBD instead of Hive because Hive currently gives only close to 10% APR.


3 days withdrawal period

Compared with the withdrawal period we have for Hive, HBD is very good with a 3-day withdrawal period. This is amazing and people can move the coin in and out of the savings whenever they need with the help of this 3 days withdrawal period. This is another selling point for people to explain how HBD can be a good flexible investment compared to other investment with a huge locking period.


We all know how decentralized Hive is and HBD is also a native coin on this blockchain and the supply of HBD is also controlled in a decentralized manner. Not a single person can change the way in which HBD should be working. Even for changing the APR, it is necessary that the top 20 witnesses have to choose a percentage where the average of the percentage selected by the top 20 witnesses is used as the actual value. This is the real decentralized finance in the crypto world.

Liquidity and exchange listing

There is an internal market available for HBD to Hive conversations and Hive to HBD conversions. Sometimes there can be less liquidity over there but most of the small transactions would easily go through in not time. There are a few bots and stabilizers that help in keeping the price of HBD stable. These are all 3rd party stablizers who benefit out of trading HBD and at the same time help in keeping the value of HBD stable.

There are a few exchanges listing HBD and providing a market pair. I personally think that it would be better to have more exchanges because it can be hard to keep the value stable if there is no proper trading happening. If HBD is spread across multiple places, there is also a high possibility that the market itself would take care of the price movement.


As mentioned earlier, HBD has been pretty much stable for the past 1 year and a little over that too. I personally have observed some of the bear market trends where most of the coins would be in red and HBD would still be very close to the stable USD value. Even if it goes up, it will only be a few cents and if it goes down it will again only be a few cents difference. When we have more exchange listings, there is a high possibility that it can be more stable.

Backed by a big community

Another biggest advantage that HBD gets is that it is backed by a big wonderful community. There are a few ways in which we can earn HBD but the price of HBD is also controlled by the players in the community who frequently trade and swap their coins. As long as the community is growing and there is a huge adoption for HBD, it is going to be the most liked stablecoin in the crypto space.

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