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Increase in Solar farms is a threat to vegetation around us

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3 months ago
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Solar is definitely going to be the future. It is also predicted that after 2050, there is a high possibility that the energy generation would have been completely shifted towards Solar or other clean energy than the non-renewable energy that we are currently dependent upon.

Though this sounds like good news for us, we should also consider the damage we would be doing to this ecosystem. One good thing happening is that many countries have started exploring options to convert their deserted regions to solar farms. There are already successful solar farms like that.


But there are also things happening the other way round. The governments and private bodies have been destroying farmlands and tree groves to convert them to solar farms. This is definitely not a good thing for this ecosystem. Though financially this can be a big thing in another 5 to 10 years, this may not be a healthy thing for the environment and our ecosystem. Already we have destroyed enough of the wild regions to accommodate the human population. If we keep creating more barren lands for solar farms, then we may not have enough fresh air to breathe and we will end up contributing more towards global warming.

Alternative options to get clean energy and also preserve the wild regions

Floating solar panels

This is something that is getting very popular. We know that most of the world's landscape is covered with ocean. The experts are thinking that it will be a good option to have floating solar panels implemented so that the sea space can also be utilized very well.

But when doing this, it is important that the floating solar panels are being implemented in regions where there is very minimum vegetation. We all know that the coastal regions are full of Corals and vegetation. There are still some coastal regions where there is not much life around. Those places can be chosen for this which can help in power generation without destroying nature.

Floating solar panels is already an option and there are many places where this idea is already being executed. All I hope is that this doesn't harm nature.


Solar panels in deserts

Deserts are another best option for creating solar farms. Most of the desert space is not utilized for anything or those are something that cannot be utilized for anything. There is only a little vegetation over there. Such a landscape can be the best fit for creating solar farms.

For solar farms, we will need a lot of space to be utilized. If it is a desert region, there will be no big landmass destroying happening. We will be able to reach the electricity needs for the city and places nearby by bringing electric lines. But there can be a small challenge in implementing it in deserts because of huge fumes and winds. Experts who have already implemented it in desert regions will already know how to handle that.

Global electricity grid

I always think about this idea of creating a global electricity grid where every electricity-producing unit across the world is connected so that we get maximum efficiency. People who have their own apparatus setup to produce electricity should also be rewarded if they produce excess and send it back to the grid.

It will be more like how we all share the internet across the world. If we do this, then we will be able to make perfect utilization of our electricity without wasting the energy we produce. But I know that this is not very easy and there are lots of parameters to be considered. There is also a theory that Nikola Tesla worked on a concept of making the whole earth a conductor. If we have a breakthrough on that concept, it will also be great.

Above are some of the ideas that I think would make clean energy actually clean energy. If we have to destroy natural resources and bring clean energy then it may not be the right approach. Instead doing something that would help both the natural world as well as the other world would be the wise thing.

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Written by   57
3 months ago
Topics: Solar, Energy, Electricity, Current, Farms, ...
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