I'm now a proud Leo Tiger!!

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1 year ago

Today I successfully reached 5000 LP. In the last year, I have been continuously saving all the LEO I have been earning by posting and curation. I used my Leo account @bala-leo to save all those LEO tokens. This has been my short-term goal for this year. I wrote about this goal nearly two months back but I'm glad that I was able to reach this goal sooner than expected.

I did set a short-term goal of becoming a Leo Tiger for this year. I was expecting that to happen only after a few months but I'm glad that I'm already a Leo Tiger. I was short by 10 Leo to reach 5000 LP. I know I can wait a few more days to get some LEO through posting or through curation rewards, but I was curious to purchase some LEO from the market and power it up.

Looking at the history, there were lots of opportunities during the early days to purchase LEO but I couldn't afford that much at that time and I was also not very sure if I should be spending my Hive on Hive Engine tokens. I couldn't purchase anything from the market.

Today I'm happy that I have accumulated a decent Leo Power that will slow and steadily give me a passive income for the future. I wish I had purchased some Leo when the price of Leo was very low when the transition happened from Steem to Hive. Many people sold their Leo tokens for dirt cheap prices to get maximum Hive. But there were also some clever folks who bought a shit load of Leo for a very cheap price. Today those clever folks are all LEO whales and they have already made enough profits from that.

Future plans

I have been saving all my LEO tokens till date and I did not get any chance to book some profits for myself. Initially, I thought I will sell some of my LEO after reaching 5000 LP so that I can diversify my investments. My primary intention was to convert the earned LEO to bLEO or to CUB so that I can make use of some profits from CUB Finance as well.

That plan is still on. I might think about taking some of my LEO tokens to CUB finance and invest a little bit there. This is to just diversify my holdings. The price of Leo tokens is not very attractive right now. It can be a good opportunity for the new investors because we know Leo is capable of hitting 1$ in price again like before. The features LEO gives us and the opportunities that LEO is creating are unbeatable in the crypto world.

For now I don't have any big plans to increase my Leo stake further. But I will consider moving up the ladder in the future for a better LEO passive rewards. Maybe my next target would be 10,000 LP if not in the near future but definitely in the distant future.

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Congratulations Bala Really glad to know you have crushed the goal...

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