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2 months ago

Last month had been a very tight month for me. I have made some financial planning and I had to move my funds from one place to another. This month I'm powering up only 2000 Hive. Compared to last month it is 2000 Hive less keeping me a little away from reaching my Hive goals. But there is a high possibility that earning Hive can be better if we invest through stablecoins.

Yes, it is again a great opportunity for investors to purchase Hive very cheaply. Currently, the market is very low providing enormous opportunities to new investors. From being a part of the crypto world for the past few years, I know for a fact that the market will not stay like this forever. There will always be good times and bad times and we are going through bad times right now. The wheel will turn and there will be good time again. I want to make sure I have saved enough before the good time starts.

Seeing the price of Hive at 1 dollar and 2 dollars is still right in front of my eyes and I'm sure the time will change and the market will bloom again. I have not seen it happen only once. The market has been very good multiple times and there will be an instance when the market starts going up and there will be new investors pushing the price of Hive to at least 50 cents.

Even though I had over 4k liquid Hive with me, I was a little hesitant to power up everything. The main reason is because I have many expenses coming this month and I want to make sure I have some liquidity. If I want to cash out some of my funds, I want to make sure it is possible. My goal to reach 100k Hive power before the end of the year is still on and I'm working on that. I'm sure I will compensate for this in the coming months and make sure the goal is reached before the end of the year.

I'm also hoping to get a good amount of stablecoins or money from the real world if possible to invest during this time. Now is the right time to invest more in hive. I'm definitely not sure if we would be able to see Hive below 30 cents ever again. As many people say, Hive is an undervalued cryptocurrency and it only needs a slight push to take off.

I'm keeping track of all the power-ups I'm doing this year. Hopefully, if my financial situation settles down, I would like to power up at least a minimum of 5k Hive next month to compensate. I have hopes but I don't want to keep dreaming and let's wait and see some reality. I had a small reserve of HBD in savings and I have taken it out and converted it to Hive too. Currently, I don't have any HBD and I'm not getting any 20% APR on Hive. Hopefully, that's not for long either. Let's see.

Looking at the graph always gives a great feeling. The value of Curation rewards is something that is doing very well. Sometimes I used to wonder if I should delegate all my Hive power and let the manual curators take care of my voting pattern but then I used to think that it could happen when I'm idle on Hive and not very active. Until then I guess I should be able to manage the voting pattern by myself. The author's rewards are also pretty decent I should say. Though the value is low right now. It is definitely not very bad.

If I look at my secondary account, it appears that I'm barely getting the cost to run my witness server. But if Hive keeps falling down, the value may not tank and it would get costly to run a witness server with returns on the opposite side. I hope the market situation improves in the coming weeks an I hope I can write my feelings better in the next month's article if the value of Hive skyrockets.

If you like what I'm doing on Hive, you can vote me as a witness with the links below.

Vote@balazas aHive Witness
Vote@kanibotas aHive Engine Witness

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How do you know how much HP you generate per month? I'm interested in keeping that control. I was also looking at the savings option. So I'm creating my tables in excel

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