Hive or HBD which one is better to hold long term

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This has always been a great argument or a good topic for discussion. We have to consider the parameters of both Hive as well as HBD and arrive at a decision. Hive blockchain is a place we have enormous opportunities. Not just in the form of investment but also in the form of gaming and blogging. More than just for blogging, Hive is used as a platform with so many other functions.

If we have plans to just invest and look for profits in the long term, then HBD is the best investment. If we are looking forward to engaging more in the form of content writing or through commenting and blogging, having a decent Hive stake is good. Hive power gives the facility to curate others from the reward pool.

HBD is an on-chain investment opportunity

HBD is a DeFi on the Hive blockchain. It is an on-chain investment opportunity where we are able to keep our HBD on savings and get a 20% APR for that. I don't think any other chain has this opportunity on-chain for a stablecoin. Another great advantage is that the locking period is only 3 days. Another great advantage is that the interest can be claimed every 30 days instead of waiting for a longer period of time.

The price of HBD is also very stable. In the last few bear markets, the price of HBD held stable and we were able to see the other coins go up and down but HBD was around 1$ most of the time. Even if it goes down suddenly, it recovered back. People who are not very active on Hive can make use of HBD as an opportunity to invest and just reap the profits alone. They don't have to actively engage every day through posting and commenting.

Liquidity is a consideration

When it comes to liquidity Hive has more liquidity compared to HBD. The problem with HBD is that it is listed only on a few exchanges. The internal market is there but it will not have enough liquidity for bigger transactions. But the talk is about what is best for holding long term. So liquidity in general shouldn't be an issue here. We can still go for HBD and hold it for the long term.


Even if we want to cash out, there is always the option to wait for 3 days to convert out HBD to Hive on a chain or use the internal market to convert it. There is an HBD stabilizer in place that can drag the price of HBD a little bit but overall the stability remains intact.

Hive is better for active people

For active engagement on the chain, having enough Hive power helps. We could earn from posting, commenting, and voting for others. Though the APR is a little low compared to what would be the APR if it was HBD I would say that it is not very bad. We might as well attract other people and projects if we have big hive power. It increases our reputation on the chain.

There are schemes on Chain where we can automate our votes to either support manual curation by communities or delegate our Hive Power to our favorite projects. These options give us additional options to stay invested long-term without having a need to worry about our funds.

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As with everything, the choice is pretty individual and market trend dependent. If you asked me, right now I spend all my HBD on buying Hive, because Hive’s price is so low that I see it not only as a great way of straightening my position on Hive, but also a good long-term investment.

HBD on the other hand is pretty much a stable coin and it offers 20% interest as apposed to 3% for HP. It’s a very good saving option. No banks would give us 20% on savings accounts. So if my goal would be short term… like for example a trip in half a year, then I would put my money on HBD savings, as Hive’s price would be too unpredictable short term 😁

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