Hive is going down - Good time to buy

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3 weeks ago

It is not just Hive that is going down but the entire crypto market is going down and the value is looking red. I don't know the real reason behind this. But this is definitely a great buying opportunity I would say and we can even expect the market to stay like this for a few days. The actual push happens only if the price of BTC starts going up again. Hive has always been my playground for trading both during good times as well as bad times.

From my understanding usually when the price of BTC starts going up again, it would take some time for the Altcoins to gain momentum and start going up again or recover to a good price. This has been the usual trend for several years. If we know the right coin to invest in, it would be the time when the price of BTC starts recovering gradually. When that happens, the alt coins would wait for some time before picking up speed. Usually, it takes some time for Hive to react to all these market fluctuations. Only when the whole market is going down, Hive's price would go down with them. Otherwise, when the whole market is going up, Hive doesn't necessarily go up but instead surprises us with sudden pumps.

Looking at the price chart, in the last 7 days the price of Hive is still in a downtrend. I would say that the price can go even further down below 35 cents. I'm going to be placing a buy order at 35 cents and wait and watch. I already bought a heavy load of Hive when the price was around 39 cents. Now that the price dropped to 37 cents at the time of writing this article, I did go and purchase some Hive for 37 cents. I have a lot more HBD left to try and buy if the price goes down further. I initially thought I would place a buy order and wait for it to happen. But I'm getting greedy now and going to wait and watch if the price goes below 30 cents and grab them. I know for sure that is not going to happen easily unless there is a huge market crash.

I guess the investment we do now will only need very little time to mature. Even a 3 cents growth is a huge value that can be over 20 percent returns if we buy low and sell high. A few days back I liquidated all my HBD from savings and wanted to do some trading. I also had a need to withdraw some funds to the real world but then keep the funds in the form of liquid HBD so that I could jump in straight and purchase when the price of Hive goes below the regular and popular price.

I will be happy to wait till tomorrow and see how low the price can go and I would purchase all the Hive for the HBD I'm currently having. This way when I sell, I should be able to book a bigger profit I think. Even a 1 cent increase from the bought price would give a good return if the quantity is heavy.

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