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HBD is very safe in the current market trend

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1 month ago

For all the crypto investors this is a tough time. Actually, it is a good time for the new investors and a bad time for people who are in HODL mode. I'm sure this bear market will not last for a longer period of time. It will only last until the weak hands finish selling. After a point of time, the market will pump again in no time. But if this was supposed to be the actual bear market trend, the next target for BTC would be to reach 50k USD in the next pump.

I used to think that Hive will be the best investment that someone can make but looking at the price of Hive makes me feel that I should have invested in HBD instead of Hive and should have been happy with the 20% APR that HBD gives. If the trade works out Hive is also excellent but I'm losing my patience and also think that I have invested way too much on Hive and more like putting all the eggs in the same basket. But I'm still very positive and I think this is the best situation to purchase Hive for the future.

BTC has great potential but there are so many projects and alternative coins available now where people invest a lot. The projects are available in different flavors and one such market is the DeFi market. People FOMO about the DeFi trend and invest a lot of money for greater returns. In this bear market trend, many altcoins and tokens also had a very tough time. Some of the Hive Engine tokens inside the Hive Ecosystem also had some downtrend. Hopefully, this will solve by itself when the market is back on-trend.

In the current market situation, there is one coin in the Hive ecosystem that is very stable and high commendable. Even though some Hive Engine tokens and splinterlands assets try to hold their price even in this trend, the only coin that stays pretty decent and stable is HBD. In the last Hard Fork, the stabilization was introduced, and ever since there have been situations where HBD stays very strong even during the peak bear trend. At the same time even if the market is very good and pumping hard, the HBD price did not go out of range and it was well maintained from 90 cents to 1.10 dollars. This gives great confidence to the existing investors and new investors as well.

I personally think that 20% APR is very good and it is already high enough that everyone should have a part of their savings in HBD along with other tokens and Hive coins they already hold. I personally think that HBD is a safe investment and I wish I have enough HBD that can give me a decent ROI every month with which I can make a living. I hope this dream will come true in another year or so. I guess 200k HBD in savings should be sufficient for me to make a living here in my country and that is also a good amount to keep for the long term. I might think about retiring if I have that much in HBD savings.

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Written by   104
1 month ago
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