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I was on vacation and I did not pay attention to what was happening in the Hive ecosystem. I was slowly catching up on things after my vacation. I was able to see many people talking about GLX and I did not care much. Later only I realized that I was indeed late to the party but never too late. Two days back I came to know about GLX tokens. I asked people inside Neoxian city and they did tell me what opportunities this token brings. I did not know much and I did see many people talking about GLX but I actually missed understanding more about this token.

At the time of my first claim, I had close to 66k SPS. That gave me close to 904 GLX tokens when I logged in for the first time. I thought only my Hive account would be required to sign up, but it also asked me to enter my email address. I did give my email address and later used my Hive handle to login. I immediately staked the 904 tokens I had in my wallet. It was a huge mistake to have missed this for the past few days. But yeah at least now I came to know about this and started receiving the staking rewards.

I staked my initial balance of 904 GLX tokens. After that, I did not stake my GLX. Yesterday I got about 96 GLX from both airdrops as well as staking rewards. I sold them in the market to get about 75 Hive. Today I noticed the price of GLX reaching over 1 Hive per token. I remembered the good old SPS days too. There used to be a time when the price of SPS was also over 1.1 Hive and at that time the price of Hive was also over 1$. So it was indeed a big opportunity back then for the sellers. The reason is that they could have sold the tokens and bought them back when the price started dropping.

I believe many people are following the same strategy for the GLX tokens as well. I personally would like to hold a little and sell the remaining GLX tokens I receive and when there is an opportunity in the future, I might plan and purchase some more GLX tokens. For now, my focus is to increase my staked SPS. Today I got the opportunity to purchase around 4000 SPS tokens from the liquid Hive I had. This brings my total SPS holdings to 70k. Now I have started getting hopes that I should be able to complete my goal of reaching 100k SPS anytime soon. At the same time, there is also going to be an airdrop.

I'm not sure if this is a wise decision or not. But this is what I have decided based on my past experiences with SPS and I'm also not sure if I would have the capacity to follow one more game in the ecosystem. But later I'm sure when there is more supply, there will be a lot more tokens available for a cheap price and that can be a good time to invest and purchase GLX. Let's see.

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