Fertility centers are increasing in India

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India is the most populated country in the world. Recently India crossed China in the list and became number 1. Even though it is one of the biggest countries in the world, it is also one of the most populated countries in the world. Fertility was never a problem in India and from the history, we are able to see that every family had more than 15 people in the family. Just 2 generations back we are able to see people having more than 15 children in the house and it was very common. Today things are getting hard and people are finding it very hard to even get a single child.

Most of people fear pregnancy and they either don't get any children or just stop with one kid. The fear is not the pregnancy itself but other factors associated with pregnancy. Today people think that they will not be able to financially support the family with the income they have. But nearly a century back the financial situation was even poorer than now and they were very keen on getting more than a child because if not one son, there would be others who could reach a good position and take care of the family. The culture is changing now and it is expected that maybe in the coming decades, people may not think about having more than one kid and the population can see a small fall.


Social reasons

There is one more problem that is becoming common and is quite popular. People are not able to get pregnant easily. They either have a bad lifestyle that is preventing them from getting pregnant naturally or they have other health issues that are not letting them have a baby at the right time. In the olden days, people used to marry at a very young age and wanted to have kids at a very young age too. They wanted to do this because when they get old, they will have their kids take care of them. Today people get married very late. Some people want to get settled in their life and they end up not getting married at all.

It is also said that there is social pressure that people keep asking why they are not having kids even after getting married. In the olden days this used to be a big issue but at least these days these things are better and people are more civilized and refrain from asking such questions. Society is changing and the Western culture is already inside and in some of the Cities in India, people don't get into too much commitment and they live their lives only for the moment. They don't want to get married. They called it a relationship with no strings attached.


Health reasons

Health is the biggest reason why we have many fertility centers in India. The food that we eat is full of chemicals and the air we consume is also polluted and we don't know what other parameters can affect our sexual health. There are also some other parameters that affect the sex relationship of couples. They end up visiting a doctor and getting their advice. There are many fancy fertility centers that help out these couples to get babies. There are also many modern methods being used to help couples.

Most people don't want to change their lifestyle and food habit and still would like to get pregnant somehow. These fertility centers are either making a lot of money with them or provide them ways to achive success in spite of their lifestyle.

C-sections for giving birth are done as a business in many hospitals because that gives the hospital more revenue compared to normal delivery. Only now this has been brought into control. Unlike other countries, there are still many places where doctors prefer doing a C-Section instead of normal delivery because they get more revenue and they can charge the patients more. It is either we forgot our traditional ways of giving birth or this is still being done as a business. This are definitely changing these days and we hope it will soon change completely in the future too.

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