Drife is the blockchain alternative for Ola and Uber

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Today I was excited to read the news that a start-up company is working on a blockchain alternative for Ola and Uber which is very famous in India. Uber is famous all over the world but not really feasible in all the countries and for all the drivers. I have personally seen many drivers complain saying that they take lots of commission. This has been one of the biggest pain points for the drivers.

This new start-up company Drive is in Bengaluru based and they have come up with a Zero commission solution that connects both users and drivers. The first question I had in my mind while reading this message was to know how they would be able to survive if they don't take any commission. When I continued to read that, I found out that they are going to be charging a fixed monthly subscription fee from the drivers that would help them operate.

The users and the drivers will be able to interact and bid. One driver can ask for a cheap ride and another driver can ask for a costly little ride. The user can choose which one they would like to opt for and pick that driver. This is amazing. There are a few drawbacks though. Not all drivers are educated to do all these tricks but with proper training, they should be able to do all these. I remember once meeting a driver who was a marketing head in his previous job. He was handling so many teams and got stressed out by his job and started using Uber. I remember he said that he is now his own boss and he decides when to work and when to take a holiday. This is amazing.

Giving freedom to both users and drivers in a transparent manner is something that can make this project a successful one. This way the drivers will not be able to quote much and the users will also be able to compare the rates and pick the best one. The users will also have the option to propose a rate they would be willing to give.

The token is already live in BSC. I'm glad they picked BSC instead of ETH because it is insane when it comes to gas fees. They have also specified that they have enormous opportunities to explore the blockchain world with the help of cryptocurrencies. They will collect the amount only in FIAT from the users and drivers but they give incentives to the drivers in the form of DRF tokens and the drivers will be able to use those tokens to reduce the monthly fees they would be paying to DRIFE for availing the service. I would say this is a great business model, and we will see the actual use case when many people start using it. But I'm glad that they picked blockchain technology for this purpose. This is one of the best examples as to how blockchain can be used in a real-world use case.

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This is an exciting news development for any blockchain enthusiast. However, my concern is that many of the drivers may not be educated enough on how blockchain works, also some may not be willing to accept cryptocurrency, especially in your country India with a huge crypto tax in place.

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