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dCrops - Opening 5 packs that I received from referral contest

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3 weeks ago

It has been a very long time since I wrote something on dCrops. Today we have lots of opportunities to play games on Hive and most of the games are good Play2Earn games. I can even say how much I have been earning for playing these games. Some games are pretty slow but they have great potential for the future. I think dCrops is one such game that has great potential for the future.

We are still very early into Play2Earn in this crypto world. No wonder that all the gaming assets are slowly getting converted to crypto assets. People invest a lot in this industry and also earn a lot from this industry. This Play 2 Earn is going to change the way the gaming world is looked at in the next 5 years. These are just my thoughts. Now let's get into the context of the article.

Referral contest

The contest is not an ongoing one and it was over long back. I wanted to share the information about the contest in this post because I won something from this contest and I also take this as an opportunity to share my referral link for people to join the game. I should have made a post long back asking people to join this game with my referral ID. I guess it is never too late and I'm also glad that I was able to be one of the members in this contest-winning something.

The image is pretty small but if you look at it, I would have received some packs as a reward for referring a player there. Referring players also give referral rewards which is pretty much passive and along with that this contest has also given me about 10$ worth of packs which is good. Now let's get to opening the packs.

Pack opening

Today I was wondering that it has been a long time since I bought some packs in dCrops and tried getting better in the game. I then realized that I was keeping the packs idle on the Hive engine and decided to open it to see the outcome. If the packs can give some good cards, it is good right.

Looks like out of all the 5 packs the first and last pack had a very good outcome where most of the rare cards were received. I'm also glad that I got one Epic card as well. I have to say that this pack opening is addictive. Whatever game it is, people like doing the pack opening. The same with Muterra as well. I have seen people enjoy opening packs and seeing the outcome of the packs.

Now I'm going to be using these packs to play the game. I'm already playing the game every season. One good thing I like about dCrops is that it will not drain our time or energy. We can just plant the crops and wait for them to grow and harvest them later. I'm really excited to see how the look and feel and experience of the game would be after alpha.

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Written by   31
3 weeks ago
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