CubFinance - Approaching towards 500 CUB in Kingdoms

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This is the goal I have for this year. Every time I see the price of CUB being stable and not moving upwards, I don't panic because even though we don't have an upward trend, it is always good to have a stable value. As long as the value is not dropping further, it is always good. Though I have not been taking any funds from the outside world into CubFinance, I have been pushing all my CUB earnings to the kingdoms. I harvest the earnings now and then and deposit the CUB tokens to kingdoms.

The CUB that is already inside Kingdoms is compounding and I'm not planning to withdraw them anytime soon. I remember purchasing the CUB tokens for over 4$ per CUB. I don't know when the price will hit 4$ or even 1$ again but I have great hopes on CubFinance and the way we are getting new things on CubFinance.

As I said, I'm going to stay as a silent investor and not going to touch the earnings at least for now. I wanted to bring the total CUB balance to 500 somehow. I have set myself a goal to reach 5500 LEO tokens before the end of this year. If I can reach that goal soon, I will sell some Leo tokens to purchase CUB tokens and stake them in the Kingdoms.

82% APY is definitely a great thing compared to other investments. I know there are other investments that give a better source of income. Though this is a risky investment compared to all other types of investments, I would still recommend this because having multiple income sources is always good.

In addition to kingdoms on Cub Finance, I also have some funds in the Farming pool as well. You can check the details in the below screenshot. I guess this is also a good place to keep the funds and earn some CUB tokens. I have been getting 136% APR from this which is very good. Even though when I invested, the price of CUB was very high, I'm okay with that because, in the near future, it is anyways going to give me the returns for my investments. I don't know if I have made the breakeven yet but good that the stake is growing there.

Once my goals on reaching 500 CUB in kingdoms is complete, I'm planning to do some investment in the above pools. One good thing that gives all the encouragement for doing the investment is the price of CUB. I think the price is pretty stable even though it is not attractive or increasing well compared to the other DeFi coins out there.

The main reason why I wanted to do more investment into these liquidity pools is because of the APR. We don't really get this big APR for our other investments. As long as the CUB price is stable, I'm sure this can be a good passive income source for the future.

Note: This is not financial advice and this is just a post to share my personal experiences. Take away things from this post with caution.

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