Crazy Defense Heroes game becoming a blockchain game

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In one of the social media channels, I saw someone sharing about the Crazy Defense Heroes game mentioning the fact that is now a new Blockchain-based Tower defense game. I initially thought this game was an ETH-based game and ignored it completely but then the user who made the post clarified that it was not on ETH but was on the Polygon chain. I then started showing interest and wanted to try the game out.

I have played a lot of tower defense games and usually, after we play for a while the game gets boring and we would stop playing the game. This is something that usually happens with normal Tower defense games. I felt differently after hearing the fact that this game is going to be a blockchain token-based game and it is also slowly getting transformed into a Play2Earn game.

After I started playing the game, I was very much interested. Not only because it was Play2Earn but for the fact that it was very simple and also a good sustaining game. There were so many levels and sufficient opportunities in the game to keep the players occupied all the time. Sometimes I even think that the energy bar was so disturbing. Whenever I wanted to play the game, there will not be enough energy to play the game and I was also not very comfortable purchasing energy by spending Gems.

Tower token is going to be their official token. As this is a Tower defense game, the token name itself is really very attractive. I saw somewhere on the website that the token is going to be on the ETH chain. I was like WTH and then there was also a support for Polygon Matic as well. I was happy after that and I have linked my game account with the wallet address. If they airdrop something to the existing players and if they want to move the game assets to a market for trading and all that, I guess Matic would be better compared to ETH where the gas fees would be very bad.

They are slowly working on integrating the game with blockchain and the features of web3 but the transition itself is pretty interesting. It is not disturbing to any of the existing players and at the same time opportunities are equally distributed to both new players as well as long-term players.

There are many in-game purchases available in the game and I think those in-game purchase options would be supported by cryptocurrencies instead of FIAT someday. This is one of the biggest transformations that is going to happen in the gaming industry. One day or the other all these games will have to make it play2earn. In another 5 years down the line, it can definitely happen. Many games have already started this transition process. One biggest challenge for everyone to adopt is the fact that there are only a few blockchain developers who can convert a normal game to a blockchain game. These integration engineers are going to be in great demand in the future I suppose.

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