CBI 5 The Brain - Malayalam movie review

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I'm a huge fan of crime thriller movies and TV series. While surfing through Netflix we found this movie. It appears that this movie is one of the recent movies and was recommended to me by Netflix. I wanted to give it a try and we watched some scenes in the movie and the trailer we liked the movie and started watching it. I should say that it was a great movie and the acting was excellent.

I mostly watch all the regional movies in their own respective languages. That is when it will be interesting and also easy to understand. These days the movies are dubbed in multiple languages and are also available in multiple languages during the release itself. We watched this movie only in Tamil as it was nice to watch and better to watch in our own language. My wife had problems in understanding Malayalam and I did not want to make it hard for her.


The basic story of the movie is about solving a complicated case. The hero of the movie and all his colleagues are mostly middle-aged people trying to solve a complicated criminal case that involves multiple murders what is called a basket murder that started from the death of a minister. The death of the minister was initially thought to be a natural one because of his heart condition but later it was suspicious because people related to the Minister were being killed one by one.

The inspector in charge of the case was doing his best to identify and crack the case but then the case was pushed to CBI with the intention that this case should be a big challenge for the CBI. It was indeed a challenging case for the CBI. The role of Mammotty in the movie as the CBI investigative officer was excellent. The mass he showed in all his scenes and the way he approached the case was excellent. People would easily admire how he tries to find clues with the help of his calm attitude.

The hero's style is highly commendable. The only problem for me was the character registration. I found it a little hard to remember the character names inside the movie. There were many characters involved which I think is obvious and remembering the names of all the characters was not very easy. When they show some reference to one of the characters, it becomes hard to figure out which character it was unless the character comes on screen.

There were many suspicious characters inside the movie but the actual villain in the movie was completely different. This is also something that gave a huge twist and only towards the end the actual villain was revealed and only then all the answers will be revealed. I'm sure anyone who watches the movie would get confused as to which one would be the final villain and that helped in thinking a lot about the case. Overall I liked the movie very much and would recommend the movie to anyone. I would also be very much interested to watch movies similar to this one that is a thrillers as well as Crime.

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