Can there be an end for crypto?

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2 months ago

The bear market is continuing to happen and people are and some people already sold their assets thinking that cryptocurrencies are not going to recover and they want to stop their loss. A few days back someone asked me if this would be the end of crypto because there is so much bad news in and around crypto. I would usually ignore all these negative thoughts and continue to stay invested. The main reason is that there will always be people who would say that crypto will go down and vanish someday. But it is all our good thoughts that make the market recover and there will be trading once again.

Nothing can shake cryptocurrencies

I agree with the fact that many cryptocurrencies are seeing a very bad time and not just their value but there are no updates from their product right now. Some projects are holding very tight and are expected to come up with exciting things when the market is back in good condition once again. People who have been in the crypto world for over 10 years know very well that this is the first time cryptocurrencies are seeing a bad market. Every time China or Russia bans cryptocurrencies, this is the same situation.


This time it is not about individual countries banning crypto or anything. This time the drama is a little different and the governments are creating problems. In spite of all that, there is no possibility that cryptocurrencies will go down and vanish someday. Maybe we can even admit that crypto markets can go down but I can say it wouldn't vanish. It will stay in the low profile for some time like how it is right now but it will definitely get back to form one fine day.

Some of the biggest stakeholders usually try to do a pump and dump which increases the value of a cryptocurrency for a short while and sell off their positions. They then try to buy it back after the price has gone down further again. This is one of the biggest secrets that some crypto projects secretly do. Most of the cryptocurrency projects are on Ethereum and only a few are on other platforms. It is also expected that the demand for people who can code on Ethereum will be high.

Crypto will not die

Many people might think that the SEC is very strong and they might start other arguments to take it down. We have node operators all over the world or specific to one region who take care of running the crypto software. People are widespread across the world.

For the time being the price of crypto is looking down but it is a great opportunity to invest more. If anyone would like to support me, now would be a great time. Cashing out in the current situation is also a not thing. People who can hold for some more time should wait for the next bull run. When the last bull run happened, the altcoins followed the footprints of Bitcoin, and price movement was also based on that. This time too it is expected that BTC might see a great pump first and then all the altcoins would follow.

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2 months ago


Of course, YES. At least a few of your favorite cryptocurrencies, such as BTC and ETH, may (in principle) vanish into the blue! Where would you complain? To the police? The US SEC can't do anything.

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2 months ago