Better Call Saul - An unexpected ending

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Note: This article has spoilers. Continue reading only if you are okay.

The last episode of Better Call Saul was telecasted a few days back. Many people were eagerly waiting for the ending of the series to understand what happens to Kim and what happens to Jimmy. There was already a hint in the previous episodes but it really came out as a surprise as to what happens to Jimmy. There were also a few references to what happened in Breaking bad and some things required special observation to understand. I was able to catch a few things only after watching some Youtube videos.

When the episode started, he started as the character Gene and slowly transformed himself into his good old Saul Goodman, and finally, he ended the season as Jimmy McGail showing a good transformation. It was really a good twist for people who know the characters very well. The last season itself was not as interesting as the previous seasons. I had already expressed this thought in my previous article. But then I don't think it would have been any better than this.


The series goes in a manner where they give so much importance to a particular character and gradually they kill the character. I understand it is important for the story but sometimes I feel that it spoils something for the audience. But the way the final season started, things were very slow and not in an interesting fashion but then later it started improving. Every open question was answered slowly and gradually and they did a lot of character-building. By now we know what Saul Goodman is capable of and how the character has evolved.

To be very honest, I was expecting the character to be dead or escape and live like a legend. But confession is something not possible for Saul and was surprised it happened. The way they projected it was amazing. He started everything by saying "The Show begins". This was really amazing and nobody would have expected him to go against his character. He finally started serving his sentence becoming a noble man. I was also wondering if he was doing all these things for Kim and if he wanted to make sure she is safe. Looks like that was the reason. That is the reason why he probably did all this in her presence and she was also very curious as to what would happen and what would he do there.

I have to really appreciate the negotiation skills of Saul Goodman. In spite of having a lot of crime, he still managed to argue and bring his years to 7 years in prison which was really impressive. Even Kim was impressed by that and would ask him in Jail about it. I wouldn't say that Kim was happy after all these but at least she was able to continue living life and she started practicing again so that she can regularly meet Jimmy would need anything more. All he had finally was Kim and the good thing is he was able to meet her in Prison and he is also continuing his baking in the prison. So more like a peaceful life for the next 83 years until he dies. It was an unexpected ending but a good ending I would say.

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