BCH helps me pay my domain costs

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2 months ago

BCH is one of the nicest cryptocurrencies that one can use. I don't know much about the coin or how the community is handling it but one thing that I like the most is the transaction speed and the transaction experience I get. It is also seamless and we can pay with our wallets. This is one of the nicest things that I like about BCH. Initially, I did not know much but only after joining Noise Cash and Read Cash, I was able to earn some BCH and that helped me pay my bills.

Namecheap accepts crypto

I was looking for a service provider that was accepting crypto payments. I initially did not know that Namecheap was accepting crypto payments. I was paying in FIAT and then later I found out that crypto was an option available. I was still looking for an option to pay with Hive or HBD but it was not available. During the initial days, I was paying with BUSD through Binance but later that payment method was not available. Currently, I use BCH as the payment method which is very good.


There are no other service providers that accept crypto payments. I remember Vultr used to accept crypto payments but others don't accept crypto payments directly. I wish Hetzner slowly start accepting crypto payments but it is already against their policy and they say that they are not giving servers for crypto mining so no wonder that they would be accepting crypto.

Fast and seamless payments with BCH

As mentioned in the first paragraph, the payment experience is very good. I can make the payment with the help of Bitpay. All I have to do is first add the money to their credits and pay the bill with the help of the funds I have in credits. With Bitpay there is a facility to choose a wallet to pay and if I choose a BCH wallet, they show a QR code and I have to just scan the QR code and make the payment.

Another biggest advantage of BCH payments is that I don't have to pay more transaction fees. But it would still be great if Hive or HBD becomes an option because there is absolutely no transaction cost involved if we use Hive or HBD. But anyway transaction cost on BCH was also not very high so it was a good and smooth experience. Just one thing though. It usually takes some time for the fund to show up in the credits on the Namecheap website. I guess it is because they wait to validate the transaction but otherwise it is all good.

Opportunity to earn BCH is much less

I guess earlier Noise Cash and Read Cash were two great platforms from which we can earn BCH. But Noise cash is now not available and it is not rewarding enough. Read cash is available today but it is no longer rewarding big. People can still write there and sometimes the Random Rewarder would visit our post but the rewards are very tiny.

One good thing about Noise Cash and Read Cash is that we used to have a lot of exposure on these platforms. There were so many people who were interested in reading about cross-chain offers and features. For someone who doesn't know much about other blockchains or other ecosystems, Noise Cash was very good for interaction. Today Leothreads is helping a little bit but yeah there is always Twitter but if people prefer web3 platforms, then we don't have much.

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I just arrived here through your hive post, I didn't even remember that we had this read.cash option

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