Vasa Pelagic, folk healer, heals plants.

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My father's home village is Gornji Zabar. It is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in the central part of the plain Posavina, on the main road Orašje-Tuzla.
It was determined that the area of ​​Posavina was inhabited in prehistoric times. People settled here because the Sava River was an important road, rich in fish, as well as its tributaries, Tolisa, Tinja and Brka, and the land next to them, although often flooded. , it was fruitful. Coins (Apollonia, Drachma, Denar) of Roman emperors (Claudia, Hadrian, Valens and others) found in Tolisa and its surroundings, as well as various objects and jewelry, say that at the beginning of the new era in Posavina were Romans. In that period, Posavina was full of swamps, ponds and marshes, but it was also fertile and rich, so the Romans worked on draining it. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, Posavina fell for some time under the rule of the Eastern Goths, and then the Avars, with whom the Slavs came together from the 4th to the 7th century.

Vasa Pelagic was born in this beautiful village.
Later, the village was named after him. Today it is called Pelagicevo.

It is rare that a house does not have the book "Narodni učitelj" by Vaso Pelagić.

Pelagić is one of the first supporters of the idea of ​​socialism in Serbia and the Balkans. He was a prolific and popular writer, and works published during his lifetime were printed in 250,000 copies. His most famous and best-selling work is "Narodni učitelj", and it is considered one of the most important books of medicine published in the former Yugoslavia. Many lived by his advice, and he himself loved and respected a healthy life. Apart from being a prominent socialist and writer, Pelagić was an educator and a folk doctor. Pelagić was born in 1833 in the village of Gornji Žabari in Bosnia. He enrolled in the seminary in Belgrade in 1857, after which he went to Moscow. After studying in Moscow, where he studied political medicine and the history of medicine, he returned to Banja Luka and became the director of the seminary.

In his famous work, he published many tips on natural healing, healthy living, as well as other lessons on mental and physical health. The book "People's Teacher" was written for the broad masses. Pelagić was a great advocate of a healthy life, and he considered it the duty of every man to be healthy. Here are some of his tips:


"For the treatment of cough (Bronchitis), it is best for the patient to go to bed, especially if he has a fever. It is necessary to drink 2 to 4 liters of tea of ​​various types and take light diet food. If chest pain occurs when coughing, it is good to prevent the pain by applying mustard or cataplasm - flaxseed porridge (cicvar). Inhalations - inhalation - hot steam "steaming" with pine oil or similar means work well against cough. With a long-lasting irritating cough, it is good to humidify the air in the room with constantly boiling water. If the cough causes cramps or pain, it is good to give codeine tablets. It is always good to give expectorants to expel sputum. If the cough keeps the temperature for a long time, it is necessary to use antibiotics (penicillin, aureomycin, teramicin, rondomycin, tetracycline, etc.).


“Niku A flu patient should be provided with rest and treatment in bed. Provide insulation, good care and easy nutrition but rich in vitamins. Against fever and pain well is to give aspirin, antipyrine, and even quinine. It is good to give cough remedies for expectoration: mallow tea or syrup and other means. If the temperature is high, it is good to put compresses and wipe the patient with water. Sometimes it will be possible to give penicillin and sulfaldad preparations. It is necessary to give large amounts of vitamin S (lemon). "


"Cracked hands and lips are best treated with glycerin. Take 50 grams of glycerin and 50 grams of rose water from the pharmacy; mix well, and every night, when you go to sleep, smear your cracked hands, and it will pass. It is for rich townspeople, and for the poor world it will be cheaper to do this lubrication with melted tallow "

The first edition of this book was printed in 1879, and it is still current, the most extensive and most useful book on health that resists time and expands the horizons of awareness of the importance of human health and a healthy natural environment.
Pelagić pointed out the countless possibilities of domestic medicinal products and their beneficial effects, such as: medicinal herbs, vegetables and fruits. Not opposing medicine and supporting the thought of the famous Greek physician Hippocrates: Food should be medicine, and medicine - food.

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