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Tom and Jerry celebrated their 81st birthday

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2 months ago

I think we all love cartoon movies, I especially like Tom and Jerry.
81 years ago, on February 10, the first cartoon was shown on TV, and the tireless Tom and Jerry captured the hearts of children around the world. Tom is still trying to catch Jerry today, but their chase always ended in failure.
The animation department of the MGM studios, where the creators Bill Han and Joe Barber worked, struggled to achieve the success of other studios that produced successful cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse or Gica Pig. MGM animators, both under the age of 30, began to come up with their own ideas. Barbera said that he likes the simple concept of cartoons about cats and mice, with conflicts and chases, even though it has been done countless times before.

The story of Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse, who live in the same house and constantly outwit each other, regularly ended with Tom remaining furious, and Jerry managed to reach the desired goal, with a lot of chasing and witty situations.
The music for the cartoon was composed by Scott Bradley, and Tom's famous human-like scream was personally embodied by Bill Han.
Interestingly, Jerry and Tom also appeared in several feature films - Jerry starred with Gene Kelly in the 1945 film "Raise the Anchors," and Tom and Jerry appeared in the 1953 film "Ether Williams." it's wet ". After MGM closed the animated film studio in 1957, Hannah and Barbera started their own production house, but a few years later MGM decided to revive Tom and Jerry, but without the original authors. The production was moved to Prague due to cost reductions in 1961, and animator Gene Deich was supposed to lead the production, but he did not have enough budget or enough professional staff. After him, the production was taken over by Chuck Jones, whose animators made Tom with stronger eyebrows and a distorted face. His team made 34 cartoons between 1963 and 1967. By 1970, many of the first episodes of Tommy and Jerry began to be considered violent, after which episodes began to be produced in which the cat and the mouse were friends, but those episodes never achieved success as the originals. However, Tom and Jerry are still popular all over the world, from Japan to Pakistan, and a game of the same name for mobile phones was invented in China, which has more than 100 million users.

Four years ago, an Egyptian official tried to blame the cartoon for the increase in violence in the Middle East, while the Iranian leader compared the relations between that country and the United States as the relations between Tommy and Jerry. Bill Hannah passed away in 2001, and Joe Barbera passed away five years later. Currently, Warner owns the rights to show cartoons about Tommy and Jerry.

There's probably not a single cartoon fan in the world who hasn't heard of Tom and Jerry! The famous cat and mouse have remained the true embodiment of the relationship between 'cat and mouse' to this day, and their antics have marked many childhoods.

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Written by   44
2 months ago
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