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Why don't I have a mobile phone?

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8 months ago

Julian Rose reviewed his experience with a mobile phone, and how he left it because he was causing him a feeling of heat in his head when he answered calls, calling for the disposal of the mobile phone.

In his report published by the American magazine "Counter Punch", the writer Julian Rose said that in the late nineties he acquired a new Ericsson mobile phone, and he admitted that when traveling to the British countryside to visit farmers, this device seemed very useful, despite the interruption of the signal at that time From time to time. But he believed that the appearance of the masts intended to transmit signals was very ugly and did not fit the common aesthetic that characterizes several areas of the English countryside.

The writer mentioned that after a period of time he started to feel a warmth on the side of his head when he answered the phone, it was an abominable feeling, as he was upset when he found out that using this device involved such physical exhaustion.

One day, he turned off his phone and bid the need for this wireless device. After that, Julian was grateful for the experience that once again gave him the freedom to explore the deeper nature of things without interrupting incoming connections that are often worthless.


And the writer mentioned that after only ten years passed, he began to realize that others are completely addicted to this type of communication, and that the way the wireless cell phone works means that the signals from the masts penetrate the human body and affect even the internal organs, similar to the cortex in front of the frontal and regions Hippocampus in the brain.

The writer confirmed that he had heard about people suffering from headache, nausea and dizziness after spending a long time talking on their mobile phones. At this point, they understand that these transport signals are microwaves, which act like microwave waves that cook food from inside to outside, destroying nutrients.

In the past decade, doctors and scientists have gathered a great deal of evidence to determine exactly what emissions from the electromagnetic field affect our bodies, and the consequences of becoming addicted to these pocket-sized radioactive bombs.

Even when keeping the phone without using it in your pocket or alongside your bed, scientists have shown that microwaves continue to actively pass from the internal mechanism of a cell phone to the human user. Pulsed radiation is captured by cells in the body and nerve cells in the brain.

And the writer emphasized that in just thirty years, our planetary and atmospheric environment will turn into an electromagnetic space for highly charged non-ionizing radiation emitted by Wi-Fi transmitters located in almost all hotels, restaurants, public transportation systems and city centers in the western world.


In addition, millions of mobile phone transmitters operate primarily from homes, schools, hospitals and facilities on the streets across vast areas, and even extend to national parks and reserves, where one cannot escape their widespread influence.

In the sky, too, pulsed radiation emits from satellites that direct satellite navigation systems in cars and trucks, and is transmitted directly to travelers, most of whom have no idea that they are receiving these destructive emissions.

The author pointed out that this matter is more disturbing when it comes to human life, animals, plants and insects, as scientists discovered that these cumulative risks will not show their effects until twenty or thirty years of use, such as cancer or neurological, physiological and psychological diseases.

Rose says it is a mass production technology that has not been tested for health and well-being. It is now the prerogative of telecommunications and social media companies that make huge financial profits that were not previously known.

In conclusion, the writer called for a collective vigil before it was too late, indicating that throwing your mobile phone may bring with it a new and refreshing feeling of individual freedom. In other words, after all, one can control his destiny without the aid of a comfort supplement that drains life from life itself.

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Written by   13
8 months ago
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But if I throw away my mobile phone, I can't read and encourage you ☹️

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8 months ago

You are right, my friend, thank you

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