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Why do we feel the acceleration of time? Does aging have a role in the sense of time?

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6 months ago

In the past, it was said, "Time is like a sword, if you don't cut it, it will cut you." Why do people accelerate differently? Is aging related to a different sense of time? Is this related to the brain?

“How time passed quickly” is a familiar phrase that tongues circulate, especially when we feel the passage of time without being able to keep pace with it, but others feel time differently, so boredom or slowing down of time is the feeling that controls their feeling over time and its acceleration. And while waiting hours pass very slowly, holidays go by quickly, so why?

The German newspaper Die Welt published on the topic referred to the book "Making Time" by British author Steve Taylor, who tried to answer the secret of the acceleration or slowdown of time among people, and about people's different perceptions of time, the effect of this on their different sense of time.

Every person has an internal feeling over time, and this feeling varies from person to person, and it also depends on the human condition. For example, time passes quickly for a person if he is drowned in work, while he goes heavy in a state of boredom or pain, so the alleged psychological factor plays an important role in the sense of time and in dealing with it differently.

Age and its relationship to the acceleration of time

For children, the year takes an eternal time, while this year is a snapshot of old age. According to the German website SWR-wissen, which deals with scientific topics, this phenomenon has been documented, and it can also be explained scientifically.

In theory, time is a constant fact, the minute is the same for the big or the small, but the different feeling about it is due to many factors. Some scholars refer this matter to a mathematical process invented by the human mind depending on the period in which he lived from his life, for one year represents a third of life for a child of three years of age, while this year represents a small part of the life of an old man in his ninety years, which means that realizing The human mind over time is an issue that is directly proportional to its age.

Time is like a sword

In the first 30 years of a person’s life, a lot of things happen to him. He goes to school and university, searches for work, meets friends, begins to get to know the opposite sex, and discovers and develops his inclinations and talents. In the period of aging or aging, the variables that happen to the person himself are much less than before, and repetition and routine are the dominant feature.

So experts say that the more intensely the brain engages in information, the slower time passes for it, while routine concerns may occur. The more new information that we collect, the slower the time passes, and this explains the different sense of time between children and adults.

The ability to slow down time

According to author Tyler, the first time we have seen something is intense. After that it seems familiar to us. While children encounter many things for the first time, adults are familiar with most of them.

Therefore, experts provide advice to slow down time or at least stop feeling accelerated:

1- Making new experiences: different hobbies, experiences that you did not live in previously, traveling to new places. The more memories there is about something or a new experience, we feel that it was longer than others.

2- Don't spend too much time on passive consumption: wasting time with what is not useful, such as browsing the mobile phone, playing cards, TV, and other things that contribute to wasting time, then you are surprised at how the hours passed without you feeling them.

3- Not preoccupied with the past and monotonous memories: these are all things that the brain went through previously, and it is considered a waste of time for him, it is important if the focus is on the present, not the past or the future that only lives in our imagination.

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6 months ago
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