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Video games are the biggest winner in the era of home stone

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2 months ago

The electronic gaming sector is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of the stone accompanying the Covid 19 pandemic, with remarkable results and possible records. Activision Blazard and Electronic Arts, the two giant US video game groups, have achieved excellent results since January.

Activision even revised its forecasts upwards in a rare step in the era of forced leave and group exchange operations. Home quarantine measures have greatly increased over the past two months in the average time that video players spend exercising their hobby and in the money they spend for this purpose.

"They are playing so much that they are exhausting the capabilities of their devices," said Ted Pollack, analyst at John Biddy Research.

And he points out that "Microsoft" intends to launch its new flight simulation machine, and it has allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to this game alone, which it will invest on computers with powerful processors.

A similar situation prevails for video game consoles. Nintendo and Sony have yet to publish their results for early 2020, but until March, Nintendo switches registered double sales compared to 20 ...

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I agree with thia because now a days most people are free feom physical work. Instead technology replace all theire physical video game are also theire main target to spend time

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2 months ago

That's the advantage of online business over offline business. Those who have online products/services would thrive better during this pandemic era.

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2 months ago