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Studies: children's intelligence is inherited from mothers

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1 month ago

Spain's website, Khnial, has published a report in which it talks about studies indicating that the quality of intelligence is often inherited by children from their mothers.

The site said, most estimates show that between 40 and 60 percent of a person’s intelligence is inherited naturally, and research shows that children inherit the intelligence from their mothers, given that the genes of intelligence are transmitted via the X chromosome.

He explained that studies in mice show that rodents that were carrying an additional percentage of the mother's genes were large in size of her head and brain, while her bodies were small.

In contrast, the researchers noted, the mice that accounted for a large proportion of the parental genes, had smaller brains and larger bodies. As embryos mature, the cells that carry the father's genes appear to be concentrated in the areas responsible for ensuring survival, which include nutritional and aggressive functions.

The site reported that researchers did not find parental cells in the cerebral cortex, the place where more advanced cognitive functions, such as intelligence, thinking, language, and planning, occur.

He pointed out that intelligence is not considered a 100% genetic matter, as some other studies reveal that the mother plays an important role in the child's intellectual development, and humiliated ...

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