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Learn about these psychological tricks to motivate yourself to exercise

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The American Health Fitness Revolution published a report reviewing the most prominent tricks to motivate yourself to achieve the fitness goals you want.

The idea of ​​setting aside some time of your day to exercise while you are so busy is sometimes terrifying. You may be tempted by many excuses for not exercising, such as feeling tired or having too many chores to do.

And the site stated that having the motivation is the only solution to perform all our tasks and responsibilities throughout the day, and it will make exercising a habit for you. Here are some psychological tricks that will help you achieve your desired fitness goals.

Set your goals

He advised the site to set simple goals that are easy to achieve when you start the exercise. Don't decide to start running five miles a day if you've just started exercising. Realistically, you are not likely to be able to travel this distance right away, as it will take some time for your body to get used to endurance. Instead, focus on simpler goals such as reducing the time it takes to run for several miles throughout the month, and don't forget to celebrate the small successes you have achieved.

Just focus on yourself

The website mentioned that exercising is an essential element of self-care, so it is important that you treat yourself well while exercising. On the other hand, using exercises as a way to determine the value of yourself is an ineffective and harmful way to your psychological state. Instead, try to focus on how exercise makes you feel rather than on how you look.

think positively

The site explained that linking exercise with positive thoughts, memories and images will motivate you and help you get used to your exercise routine. It is also important to start your exercises with something you enjoy, such as using a treadmill if you enjoy jogging, or focus on stretching exercises if that makes you happy. Focus on building a positive image of yourself and imagine your happiness once you have completed the exercise and once you have achieved your goals.

Always enjoy yourself

The site stated that exercise causes the body to release endorphins, which stimulate positive emotions, just as gifts do. For this reason, exercising will improve your mood, allow oxygen to flow through your body and motivate you to exercise again the next day. On days when you have difficulty exercising, reward yourself with a gift like iced coffee. And when you achieve your big goals, celebrate these accomplishments by giving gifts to yourself such as getting a massage or buying new sportswear.

Faster in saving yourself than yourself

The site indicated that you know and understand your boundaries better than anyone. If you know that it is difficult for you to exercise after returning home from work, replace exercise time with morning. If you know that running a distance of one mile before doing any other task will drain any remaining energy to do anything else, do this exercise after doing all the other tasks.

Do an exercise you like

The site explained that feeling happy during exercise is essential to achieving your goals. Focusing on building a personal motivation based on absolute enjoyment helps build a positive image of the body, it also links healthy habits with a happy mind and constantly increases your general desire and motivations to make regular exercise a way of life. You can try different forms of sports, and you can try dance and yoga lessons, jump on trampoline and other activities.

Create a playlist

The site indicated that music is known to play a role in enhancing performance when exercising, and choosing the right songs according to your taste in music will reduce the effort you think you will do. Your durability will increase thanks to music because your mind will focus on the songs and emotions that accompany them rather than the movements you make.

Exercise with a friend

The site says that having a partner in sports will motivate you even more. In fact, it's hard to back off from exercising at the last minute if a friend is waiting for you in the gym. In general, we are more motivated to play sports when someone is there to encourage us and push us to participate in friendly sports competitions. It's easy to exercise when we enjoy our time instead of waiting impatiently for the exercise period to end.

Comfort is the key

The site stressed that the level of will will change from day to day, so it is necessary to avoid making the tiring things in your life more difficult for you, by seeking to achieve your comfort. Try to find a gym near your home, or create your own gym at home. This will make it easier for you to continue exercising regularly and make it less difficult.

Use social media as a catalyst

The site reported that the internet is full of fitness networks for every stage of life. Virtual networks can help motivate you over time. Social media connects you with people who are going through the same way you go through, it also provides you with a wonderful support group where you can tell your friends about your progress and the things that you may need help with

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2 years ago
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