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Corona: China is recovering and Europe is suffering epidemic

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3 months ago

The focus of the Corona virus moved from China to Iran, then jumped to Italy, and Spain suddenly turned into the second largest country in which the "pandemic" spread.

Although South Korea was one of the first countries to have Corona outbreaks, it is noticeable that it managed to contain the epidemic and maintain daily rates of injuries and deaths, much less than that registered in European countries such as Italy, Spain and France.

As for Germany, which is known to have one of the most powerful health systems in the world, it has a very high rate of injuries, but it is interesting that the daily death rate compared to injuries is very limited, especially if we compare it to a country like Iran.

China is the birthplace of Corona ... Will it be his grave?

For weeks, the world was struck by the speed of Corona's outbreak in China from the industrial city of Wuhan. For a moment, the world's second largest economy, a paper dragon, was unable to cope with a small virus.

But through the announced statistics, China surpassed the height of the epidemic, after it recorded only 21 cases, last Tuesday, compared to more than 14 thousand cases a day, on February 12.

Although the total number of injuries exceeded 80 thousand, ranking first in the world, the number of recoverers is very large, and calls for optimism, as it exceeded 69 thousand cases.

After subtracting more than 3,200 deaths from total injuries, China has fewer than 9,000 active cases left, placing it fourth in the world in terms of the epidemic, behind Italy, Spain and Iran.

The daily death toll fell to 13, Tuesday, after it peaked on February 23, when it recorded 150 deaths.

Iran .. the global weak point

Among the 15 countries in which the number of cases of corona has exceeded a thousand cases, Iran is in the worst position, as it is the least advanced in medical terms, and the US and international sanctions are making the situation even worse, and this has prompted its foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, to send a global call for help to his country. From the virus.

The number of injuries in Iran exceeded 16 thousand, and the deaths approached one thousand, and although the daily rate of injuries declined from 1365 cases at its peak on March 14 to 1178 on the 17th of the same month, this decline is still limited, as it is volatile and cannot be built on him.

The most dangerous thing is that the Corona focus started from the Shiite holy city of Qom, which led to its spread in several neighboring countries such as Lebanon and Iraq.

Italy turns into the first bastion of Corona:

If we neutralize the cases that have recovered and died, and take only the active case index, then Italy becomes the largest focal point for Corona in the world, by about three times the active cases in China.

In Italy, as of Wednesday morning, injuries exceeded 31,000, compared to about 9,000 in China. The spread of the epidemic in this Mediterranean country is terrible, and since the first cases were discovered in mid-February, the index of injuries is known only to rise.

Italy became the first in the number of cases recorded daily with 3526 cases on Tuesday.

It is also the first in terms of the number of deaths recorded in one day (345 deaths), bringing the total deaths to nearly 3 thousand in just one month, which reflects the scale of the tragedy that the country suffers, as it has not been known to it since the end of World War II (1945).

Spain .. The virus escapes its bridle:

Although the first case of corona in Spain was discovered in mid-February, the cases were very few, and did not exceed 100 at the beginning of March, but after the first week of this month, the number doubled dramatically to exceed 500, and at the end of the second week, it jumped tremendously More than 6,300 injuries, and in just 3 days exceeded 11,800.

Suddenly, Spain has become one of the most attractive countries in the Mediterranean for tourists. The countries affected by Corona are struggling. Only Italy has surpassed them in the number of daily cases. Tuesday, 1467 cases were recorded, surpassing Germany, Iran, the United States and Britain.

The daily death rate was also high, and Spain recorded 168 deaths, Tuesday, behind Italy and before Iran.

Germany: fewer deaths despite the outbreak:

The German machine was unable to stop the advance of virus remnants into the country, and on Tuesday it recorded one of the highest daily infection rates (1367), exceeding the total of 9,300 cases.

But it is interesting that the number of daily deaths did not exceed 6 cases, which is a very weak rate compared to the number of daily injuries. South Korea recorded the same number of deaths on Tuesday, but the injuries on the same day did not exceed 84 cases, or more than 16 times.

This low death rate, despite the epidemic, reflects the strength of the health system and medical care in Germany.

South Korea has surpassed the worst:

South Korea reached its peak on March 3, when it recorded 851 cases in a single day, before

Tuesday falls to ten when it recorded 84 injuries, raising the total to more than 8,400.

Although South Korea was close to China, the birthplace of Corona, it managed to counter the virus with minimal losses, as only 6 deaths were recorded on Tuesday, bringing the total to 84 deaths, as of Wednesday dawn.

As for the active injury index, it decreased from 7362 (peak) on March 11 to 6838 on Tuesday, and South Korea recorded the highest cure rates in more than 1,400 cases.

The American "giant" collides with the world nightmare:

The situation in the First World Force does not bode well. The curve of the high number of injuries in the United States is "rocket", as the number of injuries on March 1 was only 65 cases, bringing the number after only 17 days to 6524, including 1060 injuries Tuesday.

Corona is spreading like wildfire in the United States, and the number of deaths rose rapidly from early March, from one case to more than 116 cases, including 16 deaths Tuesday.

Although President Donald Trump was optimistic that the pandemic could subside globally next April, as temperatures rise, he cut his forecasts to next summer.

While a new antidote to the epidemic may not be widely available until 2021, hopes remain for it to be done earlier, to get rid of this global nightmare.

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3 months ago
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