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A serious vulnerability threatening WhatsApp users on the computer

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10 months ago

The "WhatsApp" application is one of the most popular photo and message exchange programs, not only on smartphones, as it can be used via a computer by connecting it to the copy on the phone.

One of the IT experts, who has reached a serious application vulnerability through computers, allows access to the files stored on the computer. Gal and Weissman have found a serious vulnerability in the application, which hackers can exploit to access files and images stored on computers.

The breach occurs when the user clicks on a message that he receives via the application and contains a link, which allows hackers to access all files on the computer and sometimes download malware on the victim's computer, according to a report published by the German technical website "Teekbook".

Meanwhile, Facebook has succeeded in filling this vulnerability during the past month, and issued the appropriate warning, according to the report, but experts advise all users of old versions to update them as soon as possible.

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