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6 ways to get rid of the habit of biting nails .. get to know them

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Some practice a lot of bad habits, and one of the worst is nail biting. According to experts, the reason behind this bad habit is tension, anxiety or anger, and some may do it without awareness and awareness of its harmful effects.

The causes of nail biting and its damage

According to an article by the Web Medicine website, this habit is likely to accompany a person since childhood, with about half of teenagers biting their nails, but more than 75 percent of them give up this habit when they reach the age of 35.

The site pointed out that the habit of nail biting refers to excessive nervousness, anxiety, pressure or boredom, and it is considered a socially unacceptable phenomenon, because the biting nails are not particularly attractive in appearance.

The site pointed out that the habit of biting nails may also affect health. When a person performs it, it transfers germs back and forth between nails and mouth, and this may cause infections under the nails, as well as permanent damage to the nails, gums and teeth.

For his part, Ahmed Samhan, a family medicine specialist at Al-Bashir Hospital in the Jordanian capital, Amman, said: "There are many health damages to nail biting, for example problems with nail growth, and this bad habit can cause nail deformities."

Samhan continued in an interview with "Arabi 21": "Nail biting causes frequent infections and boils around the end of the fingers, and also leads to tooth damage and infections in the digestive system."

He also pointed out that "this habit increases the chances of infection with viral and bacterial diseases such as colds, sore throat, and others, as a result of the transmission of germs and bacteria between the nails and the mouth. Also, nail biting leads to an unpleasant smell from the mouth."

Ways to get rid of the habit of nail biting

In turn, the site "Brightside" published a report in which he mentioned several tips and ways to get rid of the habit of nail biting, including cutting them permanently so that they always appear short so that people do not bite them, and other tips.

Following are the tips mentioned by the site in its report that was translated by "Arabi 21":

Cut the nails constantly

Always cut your nails, when they are short, you will not find anything to bite into, so you should keep nail clippers close to you until you use them as the nail grows and you feel the desire to bite it.

Wear gloves or a bandage of fingers

Since it is hard to control yourself and stop biting your nails, you should think about covering them, and there are only two ways to do that, the first is to buy and use a special nail-dressing or adhesive wound, and the second is to wear gloves.

Find activities to keep your fingers busy

The way to keep fingers busy may vary from person to person, but most people have a hobby, so it is a good idea to use one of them as a defense mechanism to prevent yourself from biting your nails, for example, you can draw, sew, or simply sit on your hands, fold it together, or put it in your pocket Or try messing around or clicking a pen.

You can also put a rubber band on your wrist, so that when you start thinking about biting your nails, you notice the tape, and you play with it instead of doing your bad habit.

Keep your mouth busy too

When it comes to avoiding nail biting it will help you keep your mouth too busy, and you will see that after some time the impulse will disappear to do so, so try to start chewing gum and eating hard candy, and you can also keep a bottle of water nearby and take a sip whenever you feel a desire to bite your nails .

Nail polish with "bitter flavor"

Use a nail polish with a bitter aftertaste, and don't worry, this is a safe chemical with a very strong and long-lasting flavor, but be sure when you use it to completely cover the nail with the surrounding skin, this solution may work because its terrible taste will block you.

Moisturizing hand

Always try to keep a moisturizing hand cream, so that you can use it when you feel the desire to bite your nails, so when you use the cream you can no longer palatine the taste of your fingers or your nails, and you will feel the presence of strange taste, also do not forget that moisturizing the hands will contribute to keeping your skin smooth

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I believe right now it isn't as much of a problem, no nail biting with a mask, with that being said I was a nail biter and didn't stop until my thirties, my son who is 26 bites his nails, I hope he gets over it soon.

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1 month ago

I hope so

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1 month ago

Your suggestions are very useful. Nail biting is a social problem. Adults even do it in public and could be irritating.

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1 month ago