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When Decentralized Digitalization Effects Set In...

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2 months ago

“We care more about how we are viewed or portrayed virtually than we care about how we’re portrayed physically in many cases,” Siu said."catch it here

Last time I wrote a post about getting paid to use the toilet, I had a short conversation with a hiver on the topic" Digitalization" With an open mind, we all accept the fact the going crazy and building our lives towards living in-between codes is a good thing, or as we call it "revolutionary" Yes, the idea of going digital may appear harmless, but with second thoughts, the form at which we're going all digital should be a set back, a point to stop and rethink the decision, because living in a world where big players play the game or profits and loss on lower lives, you definitely don't wanna turn a lap rat. An example is the central bank digital currencies, which is nothing but a set out model, copying crypto currency, just that it's centralized which is alarming. It is being put in place to counter the influence crypto has been making, but it's far from hitting any reality of success.

In a real sense, taking our attention off the real world sounds like vacation from all the aches it holds. This exactly is true, well, until you spend too much time online and discover it's like a clone of the other, it's just a perfect mirrored form. That said, it becomes increasingly creepy actually spending the rest of your life there.


Have you heard of Facebook Plotted Metaverse?

Facebook is like the king of social media, with billions of users, it's definitely a big player in the online world. The funny thing is that the story never ends, the possibility of sending Facebook to nothing is quite not there, it's only becoming a threat at every point in time. Central banks weren't the only ones trying to out play cryptocurrency with its shitty centralized currencies, Facebook also tried integrating a digital currency called "Deim" formerly known as "Libra"

This obviously was a threat to the government which is why regulators are having to bring down its creation on their front page of "to do list" Some saw it as a threat to cryptocurrency, but it was far from it. However, in some kinda way, Facebook remains a threat to crypto blogging platforms looking at hitting the mainstream, considering the fact that it's already a mainstream media, if it were to adopt blockchain tech and implement a payment system, it would likely kick their competition in the ass, but it's quite unfortunate that it's far from achieving that. One of the major reasons is because it's a centralized media, it all goes against what the crypto space was designed to be.

In recent reports, Mark has been having some talks on building a Metaverse, yes, it's a plan of creating a virtual world, kinda like what we see in major video games.

"Examples of metaverses in popular culture often center on entertainment, such as the book-turned-film franchise “Ready Player One” about a teen’s adventures in a sprawling, immersive gaming environment. Earlier iterations have focused on entertainment as well, such as the digital game Second Life, which allows players to operate a virtual version of themselves and interact with other people in a make-believe world online."Source

Some of us are already aware of what's going on in the crypto space, especially around NFTs and blockchain games. This is a creation that is placing players in a virtual world, giving them certain abilities, like in the Axie Infinity where one can breed animals, or the decentraland where one can own properties virtually. All these are play to earn models, they kill time when you're indulge in them. However, in exchange of your activities therein, you can earn in the process.

"Mark Zuckerberg and many others argue metaverses are the next step in reducing the friction between people, communities and technology."

No doubt, Blockchain games have already done that. Mark believes he can take it to the next level, and that's obviously by centralizing it, eradicating the play to earn model and introducing something like "Hey, kill time with this, you'd feel much better in my virtual world than your fucked up universe. Thank me later, nothing for you, cause I've already done enough saving your ass"

Mark is way too obsessed with cash to pay you a penny for being a part of his online world. He has the money and power to get it running, but sadly, the world has already had its rescue from censored media and their centralized nature. His Metaverse would only be focused on making him richer rather than saving the world, it's clear he's looking towards sitting on top one richest. When Decentralized Digitalization Effects Set In, Mark and his models will be dragged down the charts.

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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