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Polygon To Capitalize on Crypto Gaming Craze As They Launch NFT gaming Studio

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2 months ago

More from NFT once again. The polygon scaling solution has been quite the talk of town in the crypto space. As the industry expands into a world space, the chances of attracting investors of different financial status boils down to its network scalability.

Crypto on a daily basis embraces a larger size of data, the numbers coming from its users rank surely does not remain the same. As such, a congested network is a huge disadvantage, considering the slow transaction process it would take. In the quest to provide more utility for cryptocurrencies, DEFI projects has been the go to, based on it's design to empower individuals, creating an investment source for regenerating income on a decentralized basis.

Ethereum has been the king of DEFI, but as the network grew wider in number of users. It's scalable abilities declined, resulting in increased transaction cost and slow transaction process. Polygon was created to fix this.

While many blockchains attempt to become the next “Ethereum killer”, Polygon aims to become an “Ethereum saver”. Polygon is an independent protocol that has its own decentralised blockchain network. However, it connects to Ethereum to provide the legacy blockchain a Layer-2 solution without harming the network at all.
Through Polygon, other decentralised networks or apps (DApps) that are compatible with Ethereum can make use of Ethereum’s robust and secure network without suffering from high gas (transaction fees) and network congestion.

While other projects like Binance have been up against Ethereum, Polygon came along with an even more scalable solution without opposing or harming the network.


That said, an increasingly slow network due to user growth, resulting in high gas costs has been the downside of blockchain games built on the chain. The nature of the network had created a bridge to a wider user base.

However, Polygon operating as a "side chain" to the network can only do as much good in attracting more people to the world of blockchain games, NFTs and the crypto industry at large.

In a Monday press release, Polygon announced the launch of a new gaming and NFT studio to bring more development to the network. The launch will provide support and infrastructure for blockchain game builders with the aim of attracting artists and investors to the network’s NFT ecosystem.

Like I said, Polygon so far has shown endless efforts to bring credibility to the network. Most of the blockchain games and NFT studios had been built on the Ethereum mainnet. This has been an opposite factor to a jiggle. The world and its finance model or call it set up, is based on user robbing. One out of a number of attributes of cryptocurrency is creating a system and network that works to serve the users, giving full control while keeping its cost minimal.

As quoted from this report

As part of the announcement, the team stated that the new gaming studio would involve providing developers and teams with assistance in creating blockchain-enabled gaming experiences through access to infrastructure, SDKs, investment, marketing, technology, and community support.

Though I've never actually tested the polygon network, as a working process to have a full digest of its supposed "potentials" I've recently set up a wallet and hopefully, soon to test out its sexy scalable network while making sure I don't go broke from paying fees higher than most country wages, wink ;)

What's your thoughts on this one folks?

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Written by   15
2 months ago
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