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Get paid in Bitcoin (Not quite) to Use the Toilet ( Meet Ggool the "king of shitcoins" literally!)

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11 months ago

There's a saying that "if you don't do something, someone else will" I could recall when st8z created a coin on Hive engine and named it Bullshit Token. It was quite stated that it had no utility and wasn't promising any better ending, and judging from its current market cap of 0.574 at the time of writing, with only 18,324 circulatory supply out of 8.889 M, we could say it was Bullshit indeed, but we could also applaud it since it did just fine being what it was designed to be; a bullshit token!

However, the world we're living in is controlled by men that can deploy ideas, ideas that will beat the odds and attract the crowd. People bought into Bullshit Token, literally! So you could imagine how it was dang easy for humans to purchase shit ignoring the fact that they were well informed that it was Shit! That's just proof that the system requires in-depth thinking, you don't have to keep limiting yourself to the content of the world of which everyone is already well fed, think outside the box.

Why stress over building trust around a project for a couple of bucks when you can create shit and make more? without being persecuted? That was the idea, the system found it amusing and it was even easier to throw cash on it, same cash I begger could ask for and not get.

However, today, you can actually get paid in "digital currency" to use the toilet (not Bitcoin sorry)


An eco-friendly toilet that pays people in digital currency for using it has been installed at a university in South Korea. The toilet is connected to a laboratory that uses excrement to produce biogas, which is used as a source of energy at the university.

The truth remains that a human will forever be the most expensive thing in the world. Who would have thought shit could make you money?

Well, selling your deficits for cash would be seen as outrageous, but hey, here is a crazy lunatic offering you a free to use restroom in exchange for money, you don't necessarily have to term it the other way around, that's madness and what's the word? "genius" maybe.

Report states that the toilet was designed by a South Korean professor of environmental engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) and is already in use, Reuters reported Friday.

The toilet is called Beevi, a portmanteau of the words bee and vision. It is connected to a laboratory that uses excrement to produce biogas and manure.

When in use, a vacuum pump sends feces into an underground tank, reducing water use, and the excrement is broken down to methane by microorganisms. This turns into a source of energy, which is being used in a building at the university to power “a gas stove, hot-water boiler and solid oxide fuel cell,” the publication conveyed.

I think technology is a bitch, always full of surprises. We'll, it's not new that feces are manure and all that, but seriously, a toilet paying me to do my usual business? Haha, that hits hard tho. I may be a bit disappointed by the design. I was expecting it to pay based on the amount of shit produced but it seems it only pays per day use.

However, I don't see anywhere else that's will to give me cash to visit the toilet, so maybe, just maybe I'm booking a flight real soon (kidding obviously)

Another interesting information which was reported here is that Professor Cho Jae-weon, who designed the toilet, explained that an average person defecates about 500 grams a day, and that is just about 50 liters of methane gas when converted. Supposedly, the gas can generate 0.5kWh of electricity or be used to drive a car for about 0.75 miles.

In cases like this, an extended family wouldn't have to pay for gas anymore.

Users of the Beevi toilet get paid in a digital currency called Ggool, which means honey in Korean. Currently, each person using the toilet earns 10 Ggool a day.

The digital coins can then be used to purchase anything at a shop on campus, such as freshly brewed coffee, instant cup noodles, fruits, and books. Students scan a QR code to pay with the digital currency.

And there you have it, Korean is taking a step to end world hunger by paying people for their feces and through that, they get money for food and repeat the entire process,genius right?

Ggool digital currency and its fancy toilet is rather seen as a "Genius" idea, but in crypto space, isn't that a "Shit-coin"???

Lol, I wish I thought of that, but created goes to the community.

What's your thoughts on this one? Are we becoming crazier as the day passes or we're actually building on things that will greatly bring about sustainability?

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Written by   17
11 months ago
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