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Humans and the Meaning of Life

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Throughout the history of human life, the question of the meaning of life will continue to roll. Who am I? What am I looking for? What am I there for? Several centuries ago philosophers have formulated various theories regarding the search for meaning in human life but none of them has a definite answer to this question.


Existentialist philosophy is famous for the theory that existence precedes essence. That the existence or existence of something will precede the meaning in it. existentialist philosophers believe that the formation of humans is created because of the existence of a container/existence (human physical form) which then gives birth and develops thoughts so that the soul/essence is formed.

In the view of existentialism, meaning will be created through the thoughts that are raised by the physical system of the human body. so that the definitions made by humans will give birth to meanings in the environment and the surrounding world.

The search for human meaning is studied in existentialism, which states the existence of God and the function of God and its relationship to humans. But philosophers are not able to find or define the relationship between God and man in terms of the meaning of life. This makes them not choose to believe in the existence of God.

Albert Camus is one of the existentialist philosophers who expounded the absurdity theory of the meaning of life, explaining that one's life must be absurd. In this case, the life of someone who can "walk through" problems to become an authentic self. The authentic self is the real self, the self that can find meaning in life. Efforts to go beyond that by becoming a "rebel" against things that have been preventing individuals from becoming authentic selves. Be creative to achieve self-meaning. Reveal the veil or veil that exists within the individual. Being a rebel in life means being brave to accept and face the problems that exist. Often, the term rebel is misunderstood as a violation of norms.


In religion, Absolute submission to God is an obligation. Because God is Causa Prima. The cause of all effects. As the main source who created the heavens, the Earth and its contents. No one knows for sure the creation of humans by God to come down to earth. Islam, states that humans are required to worship Him as a form of obedience. The whole way of human life has been written by God in Lahul Mahfudz (the book that writes down the entire path of human life) where humans have had their way of life. So that humans as His creatures must obey all the commands that God has commanded. The commands that are written in the Koran have existed since the beginning of the creation of Man. All the rules of human life have been written clearly in them.

Humans as creatures who can think to study it and live it are then applied in everyday life. In Islam Efforts to appreciate, explore, and apply the teachings of his commandments to achieve the meaning of life are referred to as endeavors. In the effort itself, several indicators can support the achievement of meaning in life, namely patience and acceptance. Accept as a form of being ready to face what is (to be faced). In the end, Ikhlas is the pinnacle of patience and acceptance.

The search for the meaning of human life (human authenticity) starts from how far he can explore and realize God's commands. These efforts will foster a very close transcendent relationship between man and God and give birth to various awareness of the meaning of life. The meaning of life is found through the importance of accepting with submission and submission only to Allah (Tawhid). and believe in Muhammad as His messenger.

Humans are religious creatures. This is evident when in a state of the worst behavior and human thought that denies the existence of God, will always continue to mention the Name of God. Oh My God. An instinctive expression issued by humans that proves that God exists. Real.

Humans will never be separated from thinking about the search for the highest and most powerful power over what is in the heavens and the earth. Other powers cannot be reached with the finite human mind. Every time humans lose their direction, they tend to find out the source and main root of the problem to find a solution. In the end, from the bottom of his heart, he will return to his creator, God.

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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