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2 years ago

I want to share with you the story of one of our cats whose name is Scammy..haha. 1st cat I bought online..I'm looking for a cat so that my Kiera (my Alpha cat) can have a companion ..cause her daughter got robbed by a riding in tandem.yes we saw it on cctv😥

One day I saw this cat posted on group of buy & sell.Seller said its his kitten and just will give me this cat for a low I didn't miss the opportunity. The seller even offered to deliver it here on our house. I just needed to add P300 I'm happy & we are all excited.

so at 8am the rider are already on his wayto deliver tge cat. He just put her on a box

... Pass 9am they arrived already. It was fast because he was is using a motorcycle

After i checked the cat,ipaid him immediately cause i dont see any problem.And in 5mins the seller is gone.She drank water immediately when i put her at the cage .so I didn't noticed that there was another problem..hahaa. My eldest, who loves cats, immediately played with her and feed her..iwent inside our house to do my unfinished chores..then my son came to me.

. ... "Mommy, the new cat looks like have a cold. She's keeps on sneezing,teary eyes and had a runny nose."

I went outside immediately to check her.I .immediately contacted the seller .but he blocked me annoying.

I was worried at that time because we had kittens that is for rehoming soon.i was worried that they might get infected with our new bought cat...

I called my buyers who had reserved the kittens..I told them about what happen that we got scammed .I ask them immediately to get the kittens right away because they might get infected ..

The next day I immediately bought papi doxy and virgin coconut oil for 7days anti-biotic treatment and I use virgin coconut oil for her tail and I also use it to mix it with their food. .

she is a very sweet cat & loves to cuddles & play .She always follows you when she wants you to brush her or when she is hungry..1week before we decided on his name.Due to the incident his name became Scammy😅

After 2weeks she is already ok! she is now a very beautiful & healthy cat.

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2 years ago