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2 years ago

The other day July31,2021 I saw someone posted about the contest of BCHdotGames on Twitter but its the last day of submission.

But i still asked my son if he wanted to join on that contest.

Here is the said contest

He said.:

"yes iwill try,.even im not feeling well"

He is not feeling well because.He just had a circumcision 5days ago🤣

He draw it in 3hrs. He was excited about this because he really misses joining poster making contest at school.He is saving money this past few months for his dream Prisma Colored Pencil .which is P1200 per set.

He is asking for this for a long time but i said..Im sorry its not our priority now

here is our entry

After that he keeps asking me yesterday if there is a result already..isaid not yet. dont be excited lol because I saw there is alot of great artist also who joined in the said contest.

Then pass 12midnight I got a notification on Twitter..And i cant believe that he is on the 3rd slot.🥰

Here is the link:

So proud of you kuya.Congrats!He really misses joining Art contest..He usually do this always in school before But no cash prize.

and also congratulations to all the winners iknow they are also at Noise.Cash and thankyou @BCHdotgames for this opportunity!Godbless! BCH TO THE MOON!

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