My sister in laws Gift

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2 years ago


I want to show you what my sister -in -law gift to me.

He bought me a lens from the Shoppee. This is a graded contact lens.

The actual grade of my eye is 2.5.

I was surprised at the price of it, she said its P99 ($2)for a pair .

Honesty I got a little doubt to wear it because of the price haha .But i worried that my sister in law will get offended if i would not try to wear it.

The price is very cheap compared to what i used to buy at the optical shops in the mall.

I used to buy from Executive Optical (EO). What I used to buy was worth P760 pesos ($15 )also used it for another year.

Im just so touched because My sister -in -law was so sweet .. their is no occasion but she said she just want to gave this to me..๐Ÿ˜Š

She knows my grade because I asked her before to buy me my lens at the optical shop ..

Ilove this lens.its very cheap and it comes with a case.

I wore it for three days before I posted it here. So that I can really tell my experience with this lens..its worth to buy .Its really suit to a mom like me who just want to look fashionable lol.without hurting our pockets.

Contact lens is really a big comfort for me ,ireally need it when i need to go out .

Specially now that we need to wear a mask.

It's hard to wear a glasses with mask on.

My glasses becomes blurry because of my breathing in the mask if you know what i mean๐Ÿ˜….

My eyes began to blur after i gave birth to my firstborn. There is a saying here that you shouldn't over use your eyes after you give birth because your eyes will blur ,which I don't believe. I love cross stitching. That was my only hobby before. Ido crosstitching All day and until late hours

Then after that I worked on night shift.It became even more blurred.

I worked nights for almost 7years

ps: Im not a seller of this very cheap graded contact lens. Ijust want to share my experience with it.

And lens cannot protect you from blue light or radiation ,specially if your always using phone or computer.Its much better to use a real glasses for your eye protection.

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