My DIY Brazillian Blowout ✨

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2 years ago

Hi guys i just wanna update you on my finale result of my hair after brazillian blowout that i did 3days ago.

This is my hair before the treatment

Ijust watched the tutorial on youtube and they said you have to stay that treatment on your hair for 3days without rinsing

This is my hair on its 2nd day,

Ididnt feel any allergic reaction or what after the treatment..But i suggest you use a gloves, mask and eyeshield or goggles when applying the no.2 bottle because the cream has a strong smell feels like you are slicing some onions lol.

This is the steps idid in my hair hope you get it😅.

First i colored my hair with Bremod light ash gray with 9% oxidizing cream 1 is to 1.. i put first on colored part of my hair to its end and i let it sit for 30mins then after that i apply it in remaining part or my hair near thr scalp.Then inwait again for another 30minutes before washing it.

Rinse your hair with clariying shampooo 2x ,to wash away oils on hair , recedue or any chemicals thats on your scalp.

blowdry it after its should be 90% dry.

Then apply the bottle no.2 all over your hair..leave 1inch away from your scalp if you can..but i didnt manage to do im so messy 😁😂

after applying no.2 bottle blowdry again your hair until its 90% dry then flat iron it.

rest your hair for about 10minutes

then apply the bottle no.3 all over your hair.after 10minutes wash it again.

dont use any shampoo or conditioner when you wash your hair.just let it as is.Towel dry and blowdry your hair again until its 90% again and flat iron it section by section.

If your hair is treated already you can set your iron to 180.and 220 on virgin hair.

And its done congratulations😂

ps: Im not a hair salon professional its up to you if you follow me or not ..But im just a house wife and a mother who just want to have a goodlooking hair even im at home 😅 without damaging my wallet cause idont have a wallet😂just being practical.Lol

this is my before and after pics 😊

sorry for my AFTER pic my hair is kinda wavy😂ifeel asleep while im drying my hair on fan haha. i slep leaning on it lol.ididnt use blower or flat iron with that pic ijust dried my hair in front of the fan 🤣

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2 years ago