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2 years ago

Hello guys ..Good eve

Ijust wanna share you something...

Im really happy for my son..

Icant help not to cry lastnight ..

If you can remember,I posted my friend here lastweek because its her birthday.And i even ask if you can greet her.

Both of our children are aspiring artists. They live in Japan already . He also sees my posts of my son's drawings.And we bought admire each other's children ...

Isaw her posts yesterday posting her daughter's artwork .her daughter is only 13

1 year older than my son.

The we chit chat lastnight about our children.

She also showed me her daughter's art table ..its full of pens ,colored pencil, sharpie and highlighter and alot more.She also mention that art materials their in Japan are expensive .He mentioned to me that her daughter when she tried an art material and he didn't like it. He said he just threw it away. Even the sketchpad. If she didn't like the texture she will just gave it to her classmate.

Imentioned about him my son's dream colored pencil which is the Prismacolor Premiere colored pencil.

My son really asking for it for a long time. He said he want that as a graduation gift but i really cannot afford it..It cost P2660

Then all of a sudden she asked for my information ..and she said she want to give my son's dreamed colored pencil.😭I refused at first because im really shy to accept it But she really insist for it.

She ask her sister who is lives here in Philippines to send the money to me ASAP via Gcash.

Timing its shoppee sale lastnight i purchased it right have 10% cashback plus free shipping. The price went down from P2260 to P2350!

i ask her if ican back the change but she just said ican keep it...

iwanna thank God for giving me a friend like this...We dont always chat each other but we care for each other.. As i mention before..we only met at facebook dog group. After that we always commenting on each other posts and chatting each other about each other dogs lol. Friends since year 2013💛❤

This is our conversation lastnight .And i also inserted her Daughters drawing so you guys can see it too..ijust put water mark on it.

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2 years ago