Paper Flowers

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Aries stared at the vast sky for a minute before letting his eyes close. A soft sigh of relief escaping his lips as his body somehow relaxed. He emptied his mind while he let the warm breeze brush against him, as if it was hugging him.

He didn't hear nor feel someone approaching him that he stayed still. Until he heard a voice, a familiar one.


Aries' eyes fluttered open, another sigh escaping his lips once again before he decided to turn around and face the person calling for him. And there, he saw Luis, holding a bunch of flowers. But not just any flowers, for the ones the latter was holding was made of paper.

"I knew you were allergic to flowers... So I made a bouquet of these using paper." Luis smiled as he remembered how he repeatedly folded the papers and made them flowers.

The experience was fun and totally satisfying that he didn't mind the stinging pain that's throbbing on his fingers. Luis went closer and kneeled down, his smile now growing wider as he showed the flowers closer to him.

"I hope you like them," he muttered softly as he placed the bouquet of flowers down. "I missed you, Aries," he added and as if in response, the wind blew colder.

Aries stared in silence at the man kneeling in front of him. His tears slowly dripping from his eyes as he pursed his lips. He couldn't speak nor respond verbally at him. He could only control the wind, hoping that Luis will feel his presence.

"I missed you so much, baby. I wish I made it sooner. If I did, maybe you'll still be here... with me," Luis said between sobs.

He was hardly breathing as he cried his eyes out. As he cried in front of Aries' grave.

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Aries and Luis were brothers or friends or a gay couple? Whatever they were it sounds to me Aries didn'leave and misses Luis too, did he already figured out he died? A nice gesture to make a bunch of paper flowers. Good story, I hope people will read it. 👍

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3 years ago

sorry for the confusion jfiejsjwaia. i really left that for the reader's imagination but now i'm thinking if i did the right thing.

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3 years ago

I must be without imagination then. Happy day.

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3 years ago