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No One In The Entire World Is So Generous To Do This

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1 month ago

No One Is So Generous In The Entire World To Do This

Yes! No one can do it. That was what a friend of mine said when an argument occurred between us.

Lots of things are happening in this world now and this has made everyone to be for himself or herself only.

“Do you know that as big as the entire universe is, with all her over 7 billion people, nobody can give you ONE BITCOIN?”, he said.

I laughed and said to him,” that is not true”. There are so many people in this world that can give you ONE BITCOIN or even more that one in this world” There are people that can still give you and it really means nothing to them. Giving does not even have any effect on them because they are naturally generous.

In spite of this, my friend insisted and further said,” no living soul can do that”.

So I said to him,” Are you challenging humanity?” he said yes! No one can do it and he is 100% sure of what he is saying.

I said to him,” if that should be the case, I will create a BITCOIN wallet and show you in some days to prove to you that humans are not that mean. There are still people that can give you not even ONE BITCOIN but even more than one”.

Because of his challenge, I have termed this as “THE BITCOIN GENEROUSITY CHALLENGE#”

Below is the wallet created for this purpose;


Are there humans that can generously give you just one bitcoin?

That is the question for humanity to answer.

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