Photo album of archaeological discoveries in Egypt

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1-Christian-themed mastodons

2-Granite painting of King Ramses II

3-Commemorative gold coin for King Ptolemy III

4-Entrance leads to cabin

5-Ka-AirS, the king’s business supervisor

6-A offering is a grain of ostrich egg shell.

7-Tombs with limestone coffins

8-Archaeological site in Edfu city

9-Mummy in the Tombs of the Sawy Age

10-Inscriptions representing King Mathia on his knee offer offerings.

11-A painting of limestone

12-The Tomb of the Priest of the Royal Purge, Wah Ti.

13-Brick-brick wall

14-The walls of the burial chamber

15-Pottery Workshop


17-A limestone with engineer inscriptions on it, called Amanment.

18-Roman and Byzantine chambers

19-A statue of God Osiris.

20-An upper part of a person holding his left hand on his chest.

21-Three heads of canopy pots in the form of a human.

22-Wooden coffin with assif

23-Pots of pottery com ampo city

24-Thao Ar Kht F Cemetery revealed in Asasif

25-The oldest village dates back to the Neolithic period.

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