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10 Scientific Facts Scientists and people didn't believe it was real.

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in the old time

People believed in some funny things.

If we go back a few centuries in the past, we will find that there are those who believe that the semen contains young humans!

Not only that, but there was an ancient belief that mice were automatically born out of mud!

But what is really ironic in the midst of all this madness is the lack of faith of most people in those times in the scientific facts that are now beyond doubt; You will mock and call him charming and sometimes mad, and often the punishment of the world is execution during the Middle Ages, here is the known scientist "Galileo" who was bold enough to indicate that the Earth revolves around the sun! - But it is the right thing to believe in, and those who thought for a long time that the Earth is the center of the universe.

It's fine.. Let's take a look at history to find out the most scientific facts and theories that people have never believed.

1- Lightning balls or spherical lightning

- The idea that lightning balls in the sky can be generated by thunderstorms, moving through walls, and even killing people, looks like a magic spell just escaped from the world of Harry Potter! But in reality, this is a real phenomenon.

According to HowStuffStuff, people have been talking about this phenomenon for centuries, it was talked about by the ancient Greeks, and it was seen by people in the Middle Ages, one of which was reported in 1800 by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, then George Reichman , the famous electrician who is believed to have been killed by One of those death balls did.

That phenomenon remained a place of mythology for a long period of time, until 1963, according to Nature magazine, when Robert Clifton Genesson, a radio astronomer, was on a flight from New York to Washington when the plane went through a thunderstorm, where one of those electric balls appeared. The whims of the cabin floated in the corridor, and then disappeared like a nightmare!

It was certainly scary, but it was great at the same time, so Genesson decided to study that phenomenon, and from then there was a clear interest in those telegram balls, and theories conflicted around them, and even prepared in the laboratory.

2. Catastrophic floods it can happen.

Most of the world's cultures and religious beliefs are hardly devoid of the tales of the floods that destroyed the world, and you have certainly heard about the most famous story about the Prophet Noah and his ship that sailed amid the flood of life on earth and left only the inhabitants of the ship - according to the Islamic religion - but there is For many similar stories in many religions, to name but a few, there is a copy in Hindu mythology, another story of Mesopotamia, as well as another flood in The Legends of North America.

Although nothing explains how floods are spreading globally, catastrophic floods can occur, floods that can flood large geographical areas from their backs.

However- In the 1920s, however, geologists thought that catastrophic floods were just nonsense, and according to Discover magazine, they considered the idea very silly, when geologist J Harlen Bretz came out on them claiming that he had found evidence that one of these floods had flooded wa state. It's been around 15, 000 years. !

For the rest of the geologists, it was a little funny, imagine water over 100 feet in the water that floods a city like Washington is like an overrated science fiction movie.

But after all - Pritz was right, and he knew he was right, when he drilled in the Missoula Lakes area of Montana he found evidence of this great flood, and a few decades later, other studies showed that the Missoula flood had already occurred, and geologists found other similar evidence of Various catastrophic floods from all over the world.

3- Reptiles also dream

It was widely believed that most animals , unlike mammals and birds, do not actually sleep in the way humans know, but instead they are simply "comfortable", for example, insects and amibats may slow down and reduce their activity, but they do not sleep as we sleep where scientists have not noticed the presence of movement The fast eye of most animals, while they found that mammals and birds enjoy it, and the rapid movement of the eye often indicates indulging in sleep and then exposure to dreams.

For a long time scientists thought that reptiles, like other animals, do not sleep in the conventional sense and do not dream, but in 2016, that idea was shattered, according to Scientific American, when a study of sleep was conducted on five Australian dragon lizards, they found that all of them had They offered cycles of sleep, and noticed the rapid eye movement they had every night, it seemed strange, but make sure to scientists that these lizards sleep and dream like us, and this was a big surprise for the researchers.

4- Continents of the globe are moving

In the early 20th century, German meteorologist Alfred Wegener suggested the idea that all the continents of the earth - which now seem to be fixed - were moving after they had separated from a prehistoric continent called Pangaea!

This hypothesis, later called continental drift, has not been accepted by the scientific community.

According to geologists at the time, the ratification of such a theory would destroy everything they had built over 70 years, so the theory of "continental drift" was excluded and Wegener was regarded as a crazy, eccentric scientist.

But in the 1960s, a new generation of geologists came more open to Wegener's ideas, and they already proved that continents were moving in the past.

5. Stomach ulcers caused by bacteria and not anxiety

What causes stomach ulcers?

According to NBC News until the 1980s, everyone in the scientific community believed that the cause of stomach ulcers was anxiety and stress.

It is no secret that psychological stress can do really terrible things for the mind, body and health in general, but it is not the cause of stomach ulcers.

However - when Australian pathologists Barry Marshall and Robin Warren started working together in 1981, they came to a different conclusion about ulcers, they thought it was caused by a type of bacteria in the stomach, called helicobacter pylori.

Their theory was rejected and denounced by the scientific community, due to the belief of scientists that the stomach contains a group of sterile and corrosive liquids due to the presence of stomach acids, so there is no room for bacteria to be able to live in that medium, so the findings of Barry and Robin were excluded.

Barry Michel did not despair, and determined to prove his theory in any way, and under any circumstances, so he did an act that only brave scholars - and madmen too!

Barry had a drink filled with helicobacter pylori bacteria and of course he fell horribly ill, and then proved his point in front of the scientific community, and although his method is very dramatic, but it was a courageous and fruity step as well.

6. Large earthquakes can cause other earthquakes at the other end of the planet

Large earthquakes have devastating effects, all thanks to the remote triggering effect – a scientific fact confirmed in 1992, when a massive 7.3-magnitude earthquake in California caused smaller tremors all the way to Yellowstone National Park.

Before that, the scientific community rejected the idea that large earthquakes could lead to smaller earthquakes -- especially if such small earthquakes occurred on the other side of the planet, or in areas that were not prone to seismic activity.

But a 2008 study conducted by the University of Utah proved that the impossible was extremely possible, as researchers examined multiple cases of remote impact of earthquakes, caused by 15 major earthquakes from 1992 to 2006, perhaps the most prominent of which was the horrific earthquake of 2004 in Sumatra, which caused Earthquakes in Ecuador - literally on the other side of the planet!

Since then, the impact of remote earthquakes has become the subject of expert attention.

According to The New Scientist, major earthquakes cause at least 9% more earthquakes at the same time.

7. Semi-crystals that possess twice the known symmetry

In 1982, the Jewish chemist Daniel Sheiktam was shocked to see something that did not exist by all scientific standards at the time.

It was discovered five times the symmetry of the crystals that he studied in defiance of crystalscience at the time, it was thought that the crystals had only two, three, four or six times the likeness, since the five-fold symmetry would not be able to provide the necessary repetition structure in the crystal - but in fact Sheiktman's war was very odd - his strange discovery, now referred to as crystal crystals or quasicrystals - contradicts the well-established science dating back to the 1890s.

As the Jerusalem Post pointed out, Sheiktman was ridiculed and even excluded from his research group, and it took him two years to publish his discovery, so that the American chemist Linus Bolling rejected him saying "there are no crystals, there are only semi-scientists!" In 1987, French and Japanese scientists were able to produce crystals large enough to be x-rayed, and they already found that semi-crystals existed, and to restore Sheiktman's reputation, a few decades later, and in 2011 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for that discovery.

8- In the past - scientists did not believe the presence of meteorites

The presence of meteorites is a clear fact now, yet it was not like this for scientists and people in the old days, seeing glowing rocks falling from the sky was legendary at the time, but by the end of the eighteenth century AD, some scientists had begun to believe the existence of meteorites scientifically after what happened in year 1 803 When the sky rained 3,000 meteors over the city of Lygle in Normandy, France.

People reacted strongly as expected, and they began to weave myths about the strange and incomprehensible thing, until the physicist Jean-Baptise Biot investigated the matter after interviewing eyewitnesses, and published his reports, where other scientists later proved that the glowing rocks called meteorites are real And it can fall to the ground.

9-The phenomenon of climate change a fact that a lot of people don't believe .

When scientists discovered the largest and most dangerous phenomenon in human history, the change of the Earth's climate, they were met with collective suspicion, just as people hated in the past the idea that the Earth was not the center of the universe, the citizens of the late twentieth century do not want to believe that climate change is real, and that human beings bear part of the responsibility Also, i don't know what you're

But although climate change seemed surprising to some, weather and climate science is not new, according to National Geographic, scientists have known about the impact of greenhouse gases for decades, and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was established in late 1988.

10. Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein - The man you see as an example of scientific prowess has not always been that way in the eyes of the scientific community!

In 1905, Einstein published his own theory of relativity, which indicated that time and space were linked, and this theory was complementary to the one that preceded it, Einstein's general theory.

Although the theory of relativity is considered one of the most important scientific theories of all, which was able to prove its validity to date, this was not the case in 1905 when Einstein published that theory, some scientists questioned it and were rejected, since everyone at that time was convinced that space Filled with a strange substance called "ether", which was considered a fifth element of the universe, but Einstein's theory was in sharp contrast to the theory of ether, so other scientists ridiculed his work as impractical and absurd, however when Einstein pointed out in his relativity that the ether substance was right, and proved For days, for sure.

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Topics: Science
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