Bitcoin and Christmas Relation

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History of Bitcoin

Can you imagine that a digital currency which has a value of 0.09$ in 2010 will reached to all time high and exceeded to 65000$ in February 2021. Satoshi Nakamoto, the alternative name of Bitcoin created or designed to change the traditional daily transactions and banking infrastructure. It is the first decentralized digital asset which was launched in January 2009. The main purpose of this cryptocurrency is to transfer money between peer to peer without any interference of third party. It was created by some group of programmers to give it a value same as Gold, Silver or diamond. Later on the single bitcoin value increases 100 times more than that gold or any physical thing.

How It works


use a new technology called "BLOCKCHAIN" to send,receive and record the transaction. The smallest unit of Bitcoin is called Satoshi and a single bitcoin contains 100 million of Satoshi. This virtual money goes through from different processes by building blockchain,mining, hashes, halving and wallet.This unique kind of technology has caught the eye of government,private sector and other investors. The private key is the main key of this technology which has different combinations of words, number to store the value of the asset. Everyone who has a wallet which store the cryptocurrency has a unique Private Key.

Bitcoin price on Christmas

Its a volatile market no one can predict what will be the next price of this Digital coin but here we are sharing you the last 10 years historical data of bitcoin price on Christmas 25th December and in this month. On the day of Christmas in 2012 price of bitcoin was 13.4$.Bitcoin gains 5.75% in this month.In the start of the month price was 12.6$.On 24th december 2013 to 26th december bitcoin gains 14% the price was 740$.In 2014 on Christmas price was 319$ and the next day price surges to 328$ .In 2015 on December 25th price was 455$ and on 26th dec its lost 8% price goes down to 405$.In year 2016 on the day price was 895$ and just gained 0.94%.In year of 2017 and from 25th dec to 26th december price pumped alot and it gains 15%. Price increases all the way to 15679$ from 13623$.2018 it loss -5.68% and that time price was 3909$. Next year 2019 the price was 7220$ and it goes down on that day by -0.78%.On 24th to 26th december in 2020 it gains 6.86% and price reached to 26412$. Now today on 23rd December 2021 price is 48564$.

Tips for traders

According to the historical data of bitcoin performance in the month of December is very strange.In the year of 2013 and 2015 its gains 14 and 15% on Christmas.After that Christmas not made any huge impact on the price of bitcoin to pump it.Mostly on weekends when market closed bitcoin go bit down. 25th December is also coming on Saturday so it is possible that price will go down.

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