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Being able to stay mature with my inner resources in the now

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1 month ago

I have an intention to deepen, I have an intention to mature. I was going through a time when I felt like I was drowning in a cluster of thoughts that I couldn't get over for a very long time, that I couldn't slow down the flow in my mind.

It's like I'm in a canyon, the road is finished, there is an abyss in between, I'm sitting on the edge of the cliff not knowing how to cross.

I don't know how to cross the street and how to continue on my way. I look down from where I sit; darkness, deep darkness… I look behind me, emptiness, in front of me is that journey where I can see that I cannot jump or advance.

In this place I was, I felt my immobility, stuckness, and despair so much that my feet were tied with handcuffs, my legs were numb, and my upper body was as if it didn't belong to me. In my mental flow, “Is there a small part of my body that I can touch, turn inward to?” When I looked at it, a curiosity aroused in everything that was in me. Smells, sounds and images began to form.

If you look at it expecting the worst, here's the cheerful face you want to see instead. Your hands open and close and open and close. If they were always fisted or blunt, you'd be paralyzed. Your deepest being is in every little contraction and stretch. The balance of these two is as beautiful and harmonious as bird wings.

I felt the sensations and the flow of energy in my body. When I came into contact with my inner resources, I realized my resilience. And at that moment, I felt that I could get up from where I was sitting on the brink of the abyss and jump across. My body wanted to do this movement. A warming-movement urge appeared in my legs, life energy was beginning to emerge. And with the strength I got from there, I jumped across with a stick that I had dreamed of, down to the smallest detail. I looked behind me; it's all over there. I was able to go through the difficulties. I was able to stay for a while with the process brought by the difficulties and thoughts. I felt the success and victory of seeing that I could cover them in my whole body. I did it, I did it! And I started to walk my way, through the trees to the place where the sun rises.

If you miss and

If longing sits like a big mountain in your wounded heart;

Break the chains of bondage,

Run your heart with your palm to your loved one.

Are you ready to go?

The storm almost broke,

Tomorrow may be too late.

If you're going to go, from the flower bud,

Go before the leaf falls from the branch.

If you miss

If the longing has collapsed like mountain ranges in your heart

Now is the time!

Do you ever feel lonely?

You know how to say hello to loneless!

You know, sometimes you get lost on the way of life,

All the Lights are out

What if the city turns into darkness?

You wait for the sunrise and

Do you miss the Sun's Lights Warming You?

The one that comes out between the two lips,

Only lovers know

How about saying "I love you"?

At that moment, the power of the "now" came to my mind.

Being able to stay mature in the "now".

Being able to stay longer in the expansion. Creating our intentions in the expansion and creating the present in the moment, forming and maturing our intentions.

I was raw, burned, cooked.

So what do you think about your transformation journey for yourself?

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1 month ago
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